Volvo Wheels

Volvo Wheels

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Found it. Here’s the invaluable Volvo Wheels PDF from Volvo themselves. Wheel Names, Alphabetized & Sizes Adaro (15”) Adrastea (16”) Amalthea (17”) Andromeda (16”) Antlia (15”) Aquarius (17”) Ares (16”) Argo (15”) Argon (15”) Ariane (15”) Arrakis (17”) Atlantis (18”) Caligo (16”) Canisto […]

Volvo 850 Instrument Cluster Bulbs

MVS Contributor Neil: The bulbs in the cluster have BLUE bases as opposed to the BLACK bases of the one on the link. They are both listed as different part numbers by Volvo, but both are 1.2W/12V bulbs. FCP has them listed under a different part number and when checked does not include 850 as […]

Volvo Price List for 1997 Cars – 850 and 960

1997 Volvo Price List -

Ever wonder what your 850 or 960 cost at the dealer in the 1990s? Here’s the Volvo price list for 1997…  contents of a fantastic old Volvo Web page. ROCKLEIGH, NJ–Volvo is optimistic about sales volumes for the last half of 1996. And no wonder. By the end of June 850 sales were up 16% […]

How To Replace The Head Gasket On A Volvo 850

Volvo Head Gasket Diy

NOTE: this tutorial is from Tracys True Soap site. It’s long been recognized as one of the finest DIYs on Volvo 5-cylinder head gasket repair. The site owner contacted me weeks ago, letting me know he was going to take his site down and offering me this tutorial. I didn’t get all the photos from […]

VVIS Install Walkthrough – “Yitsbox”

Interested in the famous VVIS install on your non-turbo 850? MVS super contributor Neil shows us how he did it back in 2012. Availability of this VVIS mod is not certain, let’s start there. Another important fact is that it works on 1993 and 1994 N/A 20-valve 5-cylinder Volvos, unless you want to look at […]

Volvo 850 and S70/V70: What’s the Difference?

Today we’re having a blast talking about the Volvo 850 and S70/V70… how they’re similar and how they’re different. We want to hear from you. If you’re a member, log in and share your thoughts. If you’re not a member, share your thoughts anyway! Just register for the forum. It’s absolutely free, and I don’t […]

Volvo Collector’s Items at Volvo Salvage

Volvo Salvage has a handful of rare Volvo collector’s items for sale, including owners manuals for 142, 144, 145, 240, 850, S60 and more. Also, available are a Volvo Coloring Book, Volvo Road and Track 57-74 Collector’s Magazine, a Volvo ABS Training VHS Tape, and various other brochures, catalogs, and the like. If you’re interested in […]

S70 – Replace Water Pump w/Tensioner Removal Only

Perhaps this may be obvious to the seasoned DIY’er’s or even some regular guys like me but after mulling it over and with the help of a couple of links I decided to tackle the Water Pump replacement by removing only the Hydraulic Tensioner. There were many other excellent links in the various Volvo forums (this one included) that some may find to be more helpful but the following provided me with the larger picture of what I needed to do.

850 Fuel Vent Hose Repair Without Dropping Tank

I’ve read excellent posts on diagnosing fuel tank vent line leaks (gas smell if you fill beyond 14 gallons). My case was typical, and having removed the fuel pump and fuel sensor plates in the trunk, with eyeball very close to the deck I confirmed that there was indeed a crack at the fuel tank end of the vent hose just where it meets the blue tank connector.