2020 Volvo S90 – Evaluating It vs. Competitors

Consumer Reports S90 Featured -

Consumer Reports is an interesting thing. It runs no ads, and that alone marks it an outlier in the publishing world. But when you throw in the fact that it’s not an expensive, high-art quarterly or technical trade journal but rather a product review magazine, well, you end up with a really strange animal. Consumer […]

How to Buy a 1997-2000 Volvo XC70

MVS Contributor theWIFEs_S70 is thinking about buying a AWD P80 Volvo. So what should he look for? What are this model’s gotchas? Hey guys, just wondering, what gives with these XCs. http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/cto/5691539787.html I know 4-wheel drive vehicles are more expensive to own. And get less gas mileage, especially in the city. But this price almost […]

Should You Buy a 1998 V70 R with High Mileage?

High Mileage 1998 V70r

Should You Buy a 1998 V70 R with High Mileage? Longtime MVS member and Volvo guru precopster asked, and answered, this very question. Note this car needed a good deal of engine work. Bottom line is $2,000 asking price for a car with 380k kilometres and a head that’s been removed with bent valves. Looks […]

2007-2011 Used C70 What Do I Look For?

Look for the service records in the documentation in the glove box. If there is not any walk away or offer a lowball price (especially if it was serviced by anybody who was not a Volvo specialist – i.e. jiffy lube). Any Volvo that has been properly serviced should last 200K without any too much trouble. Every model does have its quirks but they are usually easy fixes. The 2010+ engines (maybe earlier) have coil on spark plug and that could be a blessing or a curse. Matthew has a great repository here on 90’s and early 2000’s but anything less than 10 years old has little or no documentation but his database is growing. I had a ’96 850 that ran for 15 years and 185K miles until it was killed by a Ford LTD that ran a light.

Which XC90 To Buy?

Ever wonder which 2006+ XC90 to buy… inline 3.2 6-cylinder or V8? We break it down with input from owners. Q haven`t been on the site in a while but now that my trusted manual 2004 v70 t5 had a close encounter with the rear bumper of a tractor trailer combination I am in the market for […]

XC90 Advice on Purchase Needed

This one has very low miles, but accordingly is a bit pricy for an ’04. It is 2.5T but doesn’t say if it is AWD–something we neither want or need in our climate, so FWD is the first criteria. We plan to look at it tomorrow morning just to see if the entrance/egress is good for our senior selves.

Craigslist Volvo Ad – When Something’s Not Quite… Right

Here’s an example of a denver.craigslist.org ad that ain’t quite right. I’m waiting for a call back as I type to confirm it. I don’t want to text because if it’s what I think it is, my phone number will be forever on robo-texting scam lists.

Anyway, the points in the image are probably self-explanatory, but I’ll go over them:

Best Year & Model XC90?

In addition to the information in the MVS Volvo Forums post (link below), I suggest browsing the Volvo Buyer’s Guide. It contains dozens of helpful do’s and don’ts for all used Volvos.

Volvo S70 As A Winter Car?

Forum member volvooh wonders if a front-wheel drive S70 will be the same or better than a front-wheel drive V70, given the same years. “We are considering an S70 as a winter driver. We have V70 wagon (FWD)- its okay in the snow but far from being a billy goat. I was wondering how an S70 (FWD) would perform. I have always attributed the light body weight and elongated frame on the V70 to is lack of winter handling.”

XC90 Buyer’s Guide: Tips

Q: What to look for when buying a 5-cylinder XC90? A: I still haven’t really heard of any to speak of, I have an 2005 5cyl and it’s been great. There will always be something that could come up, but people have been asking about known issues for a while and nobody really comes up with […]

850 Wagon & V70 Ownership Overview & Buyer’s Guide

Good 850 wagon and V70 ownership overview and buyer’s guide. “I plan on being the only mechanic that works on the car, so if there is a cutoff year when I will need proprietary software interface or whatnot, I would prefer avoid that. I am a mechanic by trade, but not late model cars; just […]