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Which XC90 To Buy?

Which XC90 To Buy?
Ever wonder which 2006+ XC90 to buy… inline 3.2 6-cylinder or V8? We break it down with input from owners.


haven`t been on the site in a while but now that my trusted manual 2004 v70 t5 had a close encounter with the rear bumper of a tractor trailer combination I am in the market for a new (used) Volvo.

More specifically we are looking at a XC90, starting in 2006 but preferably 2007. Could probably go up to a 2009. My questions are the following

  1. Which engine to get or which engine to AVOID
  2. Do these engine have a “timing belt” or similar issue
  3. What is this I keep seeing about transmission fluid flushing/changing. Will this keep problems at bay and is that an expensive operation?
  4. Trimlevels, are they easily identified.Is the dvd system worthwhile?
  5. Does having the 3rd row seats reduce the legroom for 2nd row pax? We would like a 7 seater but not if it cuts 2nd row legroom.


  1. For 2006+, there are no engines to avoid. In North America, you either have the 3.2 I-6 or the 4.4 V8. Both are very reputable (but avoid 2005 V8’s). Look for service records and regular oil changes, of course.
  2. No, these engines use timing chains, not belts.
  3. Most around here will recommend a transmissions fluid flush every 20-30k to prolong transmission life. At a dealer or independent shop, this is $200 well spent. Or do it yourself for $70 worth of fluid.
  4. You can either go “base” or “Sport/R-Design” or “Executive” depending on what you want. V8 models tend to be more loaded than others. The DVD option (Rear Seat Entertainment package, or RSE) is worthwhile if you have kids and not enough iPads to go around. Lots of other cool options out there too, such as BLIS, massaging seats, Nav (skip it), climate package, parking sensors, active bending xenons, and even a fridge (very rare)!
  5. I believe all 2006+ in North America will have the 3rd row seats, but I could be mistaken. Either way, they don’t affect 2nd row legroom. The 2nd row slides fore/aft.

2006+ XC90 Which one

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