MVS Newsletter March 2020

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Sign up for the MVS Newsletter here. Well, this is the strangest MVS newsletter I’ve ever written. COVID-19 has turned society upside down, all over the world. Stay safe, minimize contact, wash your hands. If you’re working outside your home as an essential worker, thank you. If you’re working in the medical field, thank you […]

Coronavirus Discounts for a New Volvo?

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UPDATE MARCH 20 – Volvo closes US, Sweden plants Although Volvo hasn’t rolled out a new discount program in the face of Covid-19, that doesn’t mean they won’t, and it doesn’t mean now isn’t a good time to buy a new Volvo. Carmakers are rolling out programs to entice sales and support buyers who may […]

How to Buy A 2001-2007 Manual Volvo

MVS Forums contributor Dirk is looking for the perfect manual transmission V70. Should he worry about the clutch? Slave clutch cylinder? I’m not familiar with P2 cars, but I want to check out a 2003 V70 this afternoon that looks nice, has a 5-speed and only 64k on it. I did a quick search but did […]

Craigslist ad – C70 Convertible Manual Trans

I post CL ads I find quite regularly in the MVS Forums’ Classifieds. I don’t have any involvement with any of them — I’m not the seller and don’t know the seller or the car. I always put a disclaimer in my posts like: I don’t know the seller, don’t know the car, don’t know anything beyond what the ad says, and don’t have any interest in this sale. This post is intended to potentially provide a match between an MVS member and his future Volvo, or generate discussion because of the car’s rarity, beauty, or low price.

850 Platinum Found, Bought, Loved

Very Nice Platinum Purchase MVS Forum member DougM buys a beauty Platinum Wagon. Score! See more Platinum wagon photos and the story behind them. See 850 Platinums in context with the rest of the Volvo 850 line. MVS Forum member DougM’s Platinum sedan. He got it for $2400. Yea.

What should I look for in a used Volvo?

People often come to MVS for advice when considering the purchase of a used Volvo: “Is this a good deal?” “Should I buy this car?” “What do you think of this…?” Essentially, everyone is asking the same question: “What should I look for in a used Volvo?” This write-up is intended as a list of […]

New Guy With a Few Questions (2001 V70 T5)

  Volvo V70 2001+ Buyer’s Guide Checklist What to look for when buying a “P2” Volvo, especially a V70. ETM, transmission, suspension, etc… all the usual suspects to look for are explained in this Volvo Forum topic. New guy with a few questions (2001 V70 T5)

How do I buy a used car?

Create a Craigslist Google Alert 1. find the Craigslist URL for your city, example: is for Denver 2. take that URL and in front of that, add “site:” 3. after it, add a space and “Volvo V70R”, changing V70R to whatever model you’re looking for 4. example: site: V70R 5. go here 6. […]

How do you Negotiate a Good Price?

Here’s something that works in almost any negotiation, cars or not. In relation to cars it should work with either a dealer salesperson or in a private-party sale. Stop talking. The one who talks the most usually loses the most. Buying a car: how do you negotiate a good price?