Which ELM 327 To Buy?

So you want to use a phone or tablet to access your Volvo’s codes, reset procedures, and all the goodies you’re locked out of without an expensive scan tool. Since the age of dedicated scan devices is over, you can now use devices you have, like smartphones and tablets. But you need a bridge, something […]

VIDA DICE: What to buy?

AliExpress? 2012A? 2012D? XP? Windows 7?  These questions sound familiar? Maybe you need to read this Volvo Forum topic, wherein MVS members discuss how they got DiCE running on VIDA. The one I bought from AliExpress was junk. The seller gave me the run around until it was too late to make a claim. It was a […]

ETM Code P1657 Fix

MVS Forums member  JBRollo: I have been trying to fix a code P1657 on a 2000 Volvo S70 for about a week. No other symptoms at all. Finally noticed that the ETM warning light was not lighting up on start. I first thought someone cut the wire but I got lucky. The bulb had been […]

What OBDII Scanner Should I Get?

I been looking on E-bay at this one that I attached, it’s not as good as the one I use to have at work but it looks okay. I’ve been looking at this model for a while cause it was more in my price range but now that I’m bringing in more flow I think I could spend more on something better. Any suggestions for something up to maybe a 100.00 or less if it’s good, this OBDII is mostly for self but sometimes I do side jobs for people. Appreciate any opinions, thanks.

How to use the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) unit.

OBD unit is in the engine compartment The Volvo 240, 740, 760, 780, 940 and 960 cars from 1989, non-turbo engines only and 1990 to 1995 for both turbo and non-turbo engines were fitted with an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) unit in the engine compartment. It is mounted behind the left strut assembly and can be […]