Starla Exhaust Advice & Reviews

Time For A New Exhaust Starla -

I’ve assembled a handful of owner comments about Starla exhausts… notes and observations about Starla purchases by Volvo owners and MVS users like you. See what the Volvo Repair Database has for Volvo replacement exhausts. Generally, you have a fair number of choices for things like piping: Walker, Bosal, Starla, DEC, Ansa, AP, and Volvo […]

The Birth, Life & Death of an XC90 T6

Ok, that title was a little dramatic, but that’s the idea. MVS member XVTer bought a 2004 XC90 T6 a few years ago for his wife. In between the buying date and selling date he posted some of the best tune-up, Stage 0 and restoration info for XC90s I’ve ever seen. This is his XC90 T6 story. […]

Volvo V70 Straight Pipe Exhaust Mod

What a straight pipe exhaust modification looks like (plus the owner’s description of the sound and power increase). In addition to that, there are a few give-and-takes about general aftermarket exhaust noise and about aftermarket exhaust quality. I have a 1998 V70 with a B5254S 168hp engine and 140K miles. Recently replaced the muffler, catalytic converter and all pipe […]

Performance Exhausts for Volvos

Performance Exhausts for Volvos: Theory and Practice If you care about getting good performance, mandrel bending is important. Mandrel bending is bending the pipe such that the cross sectional area remains a perfect circle, as opposed to be distorted to an ellipse, which has a smaller cross sectional area, which also has poorer flow characteristics. […]

Dual exhaust for 98 V70 AWD

For those with V70 AWD versions with the stock single outlet muffler on the right side, the 2000 V70 R dual muffler is a direct fit. I had one installed today on my 98 AWD. There are lots of earlier posts on this but I hadn’t seen one recently. I’m attaching photos of the muffler […]