Which XC90 Should You Buy? 2.5T, 3.2, V8 or T6?

Which Engine XC90 Should You Buy

V8 – expensive long-term maintenance, thirsty 3.2 – weak (but durable) T6 – transmission time bombs 2.5T – durable, relatively efficient, my choice… but good XC90 2.5T samples are hard to find now 2007 XC90 V8 or 2013 XC90 3.2? Which XC90 To Buy post Interesting brief history of a MVS member buying and fixing […]

POLL: What Helps MPG?

Almost five years ago, MVS Contributor dan777 started a poll in the MVS forums and asked What Helps MPG? Almost 300 votes later across 30 poll choices, here are the MPG poll results… Everybody is trying to save gas those days, so would be nice to share what it helped increasing your MPG. Please choose […]

VVIS Install Walkthrough – “Yitsbox”

Interested in the famous VVIS install on your non-turbo 850? MVS super contributor Neil shows us how he did it back in 2012. Availability of this VVIS mod is not certain, let’s start there. Another important fact is that it works on 1993 and 1994 N/A 20-valve 5-cylinder Volvos, unless you want to look at […]

MSD Ignition Coil Install Photos

MSD 8207 Blaster Ignition Coil installation photos from when I put this on my 1997 Volvo 850 T-5. There’s no gotchas or complexity here. If you can turn a wrench you can do this. This MSD has worked fine, no complaints at all. It’s a solid part of any Stage 0.

Scan Gauge II Reviewed

I’m a little bit of a number geek and like to know what is going on with certain things all the time. So I decided to purchase one of the Scan Gauge II code scanner, etc., from iPd. Yes you can get them from other places, I just like to do business with companies that support us Volvo owners. So I purchased one in July 2009. My primary reason was to have a trip computer in my ’97 960.

I was so busy traveling, working, etc., that the thing sat in the box for about 6 weeks. Eeeekkkk! So much for the 30 day money back warranty. Anyway, I finally opened the box and hooked it up to my 960. My main goal was to check my fuel consumption. I’d like to know what kind of gas milage I’m getting, especially at $3.75 per gallon for 93 octane . Pluged it in and it fired right up. It took about 20 seconds to sync with my ECU but I was ready to start playing then. The 1st thing I did was check my CEL. Ah, P0330, misfire #3, it reset the code in seconds.

1998 V70 AWD Front Oxygen Sensor Swap w Photos

MVS Forums contributor deepsouth shows us how a front O2 sensor swap is done on an AWD Volvo P80, including photos. This is a “from the top” DIY, meaning it’s how to do the front sensor swap access from the engine bay, not under the car. Outstanding. Just swapped the front O2 sensor on my 1998 […]

E85 Fuel & Performance

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

For those who might remember the days of adjusting ignition timing at the distributor and feeling the gain of power by just a few degrees of ignition advance, E85 allows for as much as 7-8 degrees of additional ignition advance which can translate to some serious power gains!

10K Mile Roadtrip – What to Bring?

I am planning a spring trip from RI to Alaska, returning by way of CA and the southern route. The trip will probably be close to 10K miles. I want to have on hand critical, show stopping devices that would be hard to come by without ordering and waiting for parts. My List so far includes a good set of tools, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, radiator hoses, coolant, cell phone, cap, rotor, plugs and wires and transmission fluid. This is a 98 V70, early model low-pressure turbo AWD.

Volvo In Bad Shape? Taking a Trip? Read This.

Should I Try a Long Roadtrip in my 850? Comments, suggestions and advice on what to do before you leave on a long trip in a Volvo with high miles, and perhaps one that is not in the best condition. “I’m thinking of a road trip to Toronto from Minneapolis, which is about 1,600 miles […]

Rules for Claiming Over 38 MPG in a Volvo

Just now in the Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70 & V70-XC Forum I wrote some quick rules primarily involving taking photos of your odometer during trips if you want to claim any MPG over 38. Yes, that’s an arbitrary number. We don’t need a Guinness Book of World Records analyst next to you every mile, […]