Headlight Output Improvement Advice & Links

Full Headlight Upgrade - Old . vs. New test at night against a white fence

There’s been several interesting and helpful forum topics lately regarding improving Volvo headlight output. Given that some P80 models we’re talking about are up to a quarter-century old, you might consider putting this at the top of your to do list. Headlight improvements are an attractive use of your time for several reasons: It’s a […]

Re-chrome Headlight Reflectors? Yes.

Get Your Light Back -

So to put it bluntly, my headlights are about as good as some cheap flashlights taped on the front bumper. I’ve looked at buying new assemblies, but even for “cheap” aftermarket I can’t justify the price. However, I’ve had an idea for a cheaper DIY solution, assuming you can do this. Is it possible to […]

Bought a 1999 S70 GLT with almost 300k Miles

1999 S70 GLT… Where to start? New MVS member shertzog bought a 1999 S70 GLT with almost 300k miles, and he’s been fixing it up: new spark plugs, new coolant tank, new headlight bulbs. Repaired: j-hose. Painted: headlight reflectors. 290,600 miles, white/tan (leather in front seats pretty beat up). new plugs (. – $5/pr Amazon – […]

Upgrade Headlights – What to Buy

Volvo P80 headlights are now fifteen+ years old. That means dull, yellow illumination at night… unless you do something about it, like upgrading the bulb (low cost/low benefit), lens, reflector or the whole thing. When replacing everything, you can choose to go stock halogen, swap to projector or jewel headlights, or even HID. As you’ve […]

Cleaning Headlight Reflectors

MVS Contributor WagonLagan went out of his way to painstakingly document a reflector cleaning, including what to do and what not to, photos, results, etc. In the end, he essentially conducted a detailed experiment on cleaning corroded headlight reflectors. Here are his tips: It’s surprisingly easy to tell if your headlight is still reflective or […]

Improve Volvo Headlights

Justin on how to improve Volvo headlights: Better bulbs – I use Silverstars and am quite happy with them, but others will say they’re useless gimmicky crap. Whatever; I can see the difference and they light up the road in front of me pretty well. There are other good alternatives as well. I would recommend NOT […]

Aftermarket HID Bulbs Produce Glare

Headlight glare: HID bulb vs halogen bulb

So I put in one HID bulb and left in a stock halogen bulb. I walked down the road and got a subjective sense of comparative glare, and I also videotaped the beams on a wall. My conclusion is that the HID produces far, far more glare. I did not do any test to determine […]

Headlight Bulbs and E-Code (European) Lenses

Which Headlight Bulbs to Get + E-Code Lens Discussion Bulbs like the Philips Silverstar or almost anything PIAA that have a coating to change the color output are going to by definition, put out LESS light than an un-coated bulb. Again, because they now produce a different output, the perception is that they are brighter; […]

Dull headlights, what’s the cheap fix?

Where to go for inexpensive, DIY improvement in light? SilverStars? E-code glass? jewel headlights? HID Xenons? I have a 98 S70 and the headlights are really not very powerful at all. I can drive with my brights on and nobody flashes me. My bulbs are fairly new (within a year) and are the GE halogens […]