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Tie Rod Brands: Which Will Last Longest?

Let’s talk Tie Rod Brands

Which Brand of Tie Rods Should I Buy?

V70 Tie Rod EndIf you come across TRW then grab them, those are original for most Volvos. Febi, Moog and Beck Arnley are probably pretty good. Raybestos makes a “professional grade” that might be good but I have no experience with it. If they are selling a tie rod for $15 or less then it is probably junk and the ball joint will be loose in a year. I would avoid Uro, Deeza and the bottom of the line Raybestos.


kiss4afrog wrote:

“My 2 cents, always get the best quality you can in front end parts that steer, support or stop it. With the suspension and steering parts remember in most cases once you’re done you are going to shell out 75 to 200 bucks for an alignment and even if you get a lifetime warranty on that 15 dollar whatever, they aren’t going to pitch in on the alignment.
If you do a lot of the repairs yourself you might want to look for a “lifetime” alignment. That way if you aren’t doing it all at once you can do the tie rods now, get it aligned and when you do the struts, control arms, ball joints etc later you get it aligned free.”

Tie Rod Replacement Tips and Part Brands

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