2019 S60 Leaked! Yes, It’s a Baby S90

Volvo S60 2019

Teknikensvarld.se has the story… translated from Swedish: Just over two weeks ago, it was a big world premiere for the new Volvo V60, which is also featured at the car dealership downstairs in Geneva . The comments fields, not just here at Teknvarvarld.se, were overwhelmed by positive comments. In particular, the forms were praised that […]

How to Fix Lumbar Support on a Volvo S60 Seat

MVS member hu5ker555 shows us how to fix the lumbar support on a Volvo S60 seat on his 2008 S60 2.5T with 168k miles. So, I was leaning back in my beloved S60 seat when the lumbar support (which I always have cranked all the way up) broke. It is the manual lumbar support operated […]

S60 Ranked Low Despite Good Scores

Dear Car and Driver, I’ve been reading since 1988, love ya, but this #8 Volvo S60 ranking I have to ask #wtf? You rank the S60 #1 in mpg, #1 (tie) in 0-60, and #2 in starting price. Those are the only three criteria listed under this Rank in Segment, so they must be important. Right? You […]

Volvo Collector’s Items at Volvo Salvage

Volvo Salvage has a handful of rare Volvo collector’s items for sale, including owners manuals for 142, 144, 145, 240, 850, S60 and more. Also, available are a Volvo Coloring Book, Volvo Road and Track 57-74 Collector’s Magazine, a Volvo ABS Training VHS Tape, and various other brochures, catalogs, and the like. If you’re interested in […]

S60 Timing Belt Marks

And the barely visible timing marks on the crankshaft gear and engine block – the one on the engine block it’s not visible with the belt on, but can be felt by hand, it’s a small bump. There is also a timing bump on the crankshaft pulley (not visible in the photo).

Air Conditioner Evaporator replacement

This link provides a great How-To guide with photos and step-by-step instructions for replacing the air conditioner evaporator in Volvo 850 series vehicles.  The guide can also be used for V70 and S70 series as the layouts are similar with only a few minor differences.  Doing this replacement on your own can save you upwards […]

AWD System Fluids Crush Washer

The Angle Gear, Haldex and Rear Diff are all Volvo part #11998 copper crush washer. This is what Volvo Specialists used for these applications on my V70 R’s 90k service. Crush washer #11998 for Angle Gear, Haldex and Rear Diff

Head Gasket Change Parts List

You want to do the valve seals while you’re at it. This is not an overkill because they are probably nearing the end of their life cycle and will develop oil seepage (just to make you feel regretful one day that you have to redo the gasket).
On another note, have you ever overheated the engine? Even if you haven’t, the mating surfaces for the head gasket need to be planed. There is usually a reason for the gasket to fail (and not always an apparent one).

2001 V70 Too early airbag deployment?

Airbags Deployed, Good Volvo is Now Scrap One month ago my wife had a little crash into the back of a other car during “take off” on a traffic light. No other visible collision damage than few scratches on the front/tail bumper but… all air bags and belt tensioners fired, what means for me, that […]