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Remove Fuel Pump Without Special Tool?

Need A Solution To Remove Fuel Pump?

remove fuel pump with DIY toolHammer, lubricant etc. did not help. So I made my own tool.

I took a piece of ABS piping (the part that we screw to the floor than we screw the toilet seat on it?) made six holes around the neck, put 4 mechanical screws (small tread) in there. Made a hole in a piece of wood (to let the wires through), assembled the two together. Adjusted the screws around the neck to get a tight grip. With the help of a mallet loosened and finally opened and removed the ring. 🙂

How to remove fuel pump without dedicated tool?

Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • Volvo’s Symbol Doesn’t Signify the Male Gender

    You may have associated Volvo’s logo with the male symbol, but what you may not know is that it was never designed to resemble it. For centuries, this symbol has been used to represent many different things. Ancient chemists used it as the symbol for iron, and the ancient Romans used it as the symbol for Mars, their god of war. Because Volvo cars are designed with durability, safety, and strength in mind, the company chose this symbol as their logo.

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