1998 V70XC Door Check Repair w/ photos

Shortly after I got my V70 last summer the driver side front door check failed. It had been repaired before, but the work didn’t last. It took me a little while, but last weekend all stars were aligned just right, and I went to work.

Thanks to this site, I had great infos on how to take the door panel off, and also on how to take the door itself off on just the pins (this was super easy!)

Diagrams & More on V70-XC Rear Suspension

How to replace the rear trailing arm bushings on the 1998 AWD Volvo models. Info on Pre-2001 Volvo AWD Rear Suspensions Here are the repair procedures from VADIS. This should get you started. Because the AWD rear suspension is completely different than the FWD versions, please add to the body of Volvo knowledge here by […]

How to Maintain Your AWD Volvo’s Driveshaft

For all AWD Volvo Models MVS Forum member Jimmy tells us explicitly how to make your AWD Volvo system go well over 100k miles. If you’re reading this with 150k+ miles on yours, and you haven’t “done anything” to extend the AWD system’s life, you’ve probably been kind to your driveshaft, for instance keeping all […]

V70 R Good in Snow

V70 R On Snow

V70 R Good in Snow Is my V70 R Good in Snow? Pretty damn good. With the new Continental ExtremeContact tires I have on her, she’s unstoppable. These Continentals’ tread bites into the hardpack snow pretty well, while the tires’ compound seems to be just soft enough to “grip” snow… and the Haldex AWD system […]

2001+ Volvo XC70 Owners Chime in on Ownership

Which Volvo XC70 Year to Buy? If you’re wondering which Volvo XC70 model year was the best to buy, you can begin your search by reviewing the multiple automotive reliability data websites. Take time to look at the multiple variables; transmission failure, engine defects, and the average mileage and the longevity of the car.  See […]

850 Turbo Timing Belt, Water Pump Replacement Marathon

Most of our time was spent on getting the timing marks to line up. We kept getting one tooth off and had to reset the tensioner three times. You can do that fairly quickly if you turn the vise a few degrees till you get resistance, wait a moment, turn again, repeat until it’s back in. I suppose some sort of hydraulic goo is in there that needs to squish back in through a baffle or something.

How Often Should You Flush Your Transmission Fluid?

Transmission Flush Frequency I have been flushing my ATF (as opposed to a Transmission Drain & Fill… in other words: where I disconnect the cooler hose and flush ATF) using the following guidelines: Mobil Synthetic ATF (It take about 9-10 qts for a flush). Every 20K miles. Is this too excessive and not needed? How […]

Full DYI Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor Change

A Fine Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor Change Tutorial for Pre-1999 Volvo 5-cyl Volvo Forum member and contributor polskamafia mjl takes us carefully through each of 20 or so steps to replace (and gap) spark plugs, cap & rotor, and wires. This isn’t difficult at all, and this tutorial makes it even simpler. Here […]

How to Replace Axles – 2000 V70XC

How To Replace Axles

Are you hearing a clicking sound when you turn? You’ll need to replace axles sooner or later. Here is a a guide for anyone who wants/needs to replace their axles on a 2000 V70XC. Through a dealership or other shop, this job costs a lot of money. I recently did it and found it was […]

Volvo V70 Front Strut Replacement Supplement

Replacing Front Struts – And More Here’s a superb supplement for working on Volvo front suspensions. These tips/tricks should make the job much easier for novices and veterans alike. It applies to all generation 1 FWD Volvos: 850, V70, S70, V70 XC and C70. It’s even close enough to the second generation (“P2”) Volvos that […]

PCV System Repair on a Volvo 5-cylinder

PCV System Cleaning Tutorial w/ Pics This tutorial will help you clean the PCV system on your 1993-2000 5-cylinder Volvo engine. Keep in mind that this is focused on a later-generation Turbo model (I have a 1998 S70 T5), there will be some differences between each year and depending whether yours is a N/A or […]