2020 Volvo S90 – Evaluating It vs. Competitors

Consumer Reports S90 Featured -

Consumer Reports is an interesting thing. It runs no ads, and that alone marks it an outlier in the publishing world. But when you throw in the fact that it’s not an expensive, high-art quarterly or technical trade journal but rather a product review magazine, well, you end up with a really strange animal. Consumer […]

XC60 – Buy Extended Warranty?

MVS Volvo Forums member chapel is thinking about buying a 100k mile XC60 and putting a $3k extended warranty on it. Smart? Wife and I are thinking of getting a 2010 T6 R-design It’s just about to pass 100k miles and we’re looking at possibly getting an aftermarket warranty So for a 5 year plan […]

Reflecting on 1992-2000 Volvo 850/S70/V70/XC70 Family

I finally realized today that despite my constant worrying about the Volvo, the fact that things rattle and shake and get stuck and go out of whack and there always seems to be some part that cost as much as a used Honda Civic to repair going bad on it, and it seems to be such a hodgepodge of parts, part Italian part Japanese part Swedish, and God only knows how it all works together, and the fact that the aluminum engine is constantly subject to a bad tensioner bearing or something destroying the whole thing, and that it is in general every bit as finicky as a high end BMW and not nearly as pretty… that I love it and all that stuff has somehow become a source of pride. I feel like I must protect it from those who would not keep it running. My baby ain’t going to no junk yard.

Used Volvo Prices Up

Finding a Certified Used Volvo I was just updating the link in Find a Certified Used Volvo via volvocars.com, and started updating that post about how car companies are getting more involved in the used — OOOPS I mean “pre-owned” — car market. I wrote so much I decided to break it out into its […]

The Half-Million Mile Volvo 850 (original trans!)

513,000 mile Volvo 850

I’m sure there are dozens of 500k mile 850s out there, but here’s one I’ve seen and touched. I stumbled onto it at Petersen Volvo in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA back in April of this year. I was there to look at a rare Saffron-color V70 R. That didn’t turn out, but a white 850 […]

Reliable Volvo under $4,000?

Should I Buy A 12-ish Year Old Volvo? Another group of opinions from some of MVS’s most active and experienced Volvo owners and DIY’ers regarding the classic question what brand of car should I get? Reliable Volvo under $4,000

All Volvo Models 1997+ reliability — better info

Volvo Repair Frequency Data TrueDelta.com reports actual repair frequencies, which makes the differences between cars much clearer. Results are updated four times a year, to track cars closely as they age. Participants simply report repairs the month after they occur on a one-page survey. When there are no repairs, they simply report an approximate odometer […]

Ridden Hard, Put Away Wet

My favorite “tough Volvo” story was when my wife missed the brake pedal when parking and ran into a brick building with our old 1982 DL (240) and caused $10,000 damage to the building. The car didn’t have a mark on it. Of course that was in the days when cars actually had bumpers. Ridden […]

Should I Stay and Pay or Cut Losses?

The Big ETM Decision should i stay and pay or cut losses? Volvo ETM path, XeMODeX, or cut and run? If this replacement will pretty much do it and be the last chapter, I suppose I’m prepared to shell out the money. If this will continue being a stream of mechanic income leaving me with […]

What to look for when purchasing a used Volvo

Volvo Reliability vs. Japanese Manufacturers’ Reliability Car companies seem to be cheaping out on a lot of things these days. Sometimes it seems like they dont want cars to make it to 200,000 miles without tons of repairs so people will buy new cars quicker. I thought Toyota was supposed to be reliable, but I […]

V70 P2 Buying Advice Request

Question: I now want a P2 [2001-2008] V70 auto. I don’t mind which fuel/model but I want to be able to maintain it myself, as I do with the other cars. Which are the best models, specs to avoid (known problems) and what should I be looking out for when buying privately? All help much […]

Is a Volvo a Honda?

Member Instarx wrote this in response to the Volvo Forum thread Buying a Used Volvo V70, and I must say I agree 100%. If low operating expense is as big an issue as you imply, be aware that Volvos are expensive to repair when they break. They are borderline luxury cars and just like Mercedes, […]