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The Half-Million Mile Volvo 850 (original trans!)

Check out the Half-Million Mile Volvo 850

I’m sure there are dozens of 500k mile 850s out there, but here’s one I’ve seen and touched. I stumbled onto it at Petersen Volvo in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA back in April of this year. I was there to look at a rare Saffron-color V70 R. That didn’t turn out, but a white 850 displayed prominently out front piqued my curiosity. What’s a garden-variety base Volvo 850 doing in the “spotlight” at a Volvo dealer? Sure, it’s amazingly well maintained car. But there are hundreds of those around if you look for them.

Volvo reliability and durability is as good as any Asian manufacturer if you have a good sample and maintain it well. But I digress…

Then I noticed a piece of paper taped in the window that explained the car’s special status: it was a half-million-mile car. On the original transmission. Whoa.

Take a look:

513,000 mile Volvo 850
513,884 miles on the odometer

Thoughts on the Half-Million Mile Volvo 850?

Bonus! More on the Volvo 850

Volvo unveiled an entirely new model series in June 1991, the Volvo 850 GLT. The Volvo 850 GLT was launched under the banner of “A dynamic car with four world-beating breakthroughs”.

The four new features were: transverse 5-cylinder engine driving the front wheels, Delta-link rear axle which combined the dynamics and ride comfort of independent suspension with the security of a live rear axle, the SIPS integrated side-impact protection system, and the self-adjusting front seat belt mechanism.

The exterior design of the 850 bore a strong Volvo identity, and its 740 and 940 heritage was immediately apparent.

Volvo 850 GLT received a tumultuous welcome; seldom has a new car reaped so many awards as the 850.

Over the intervening years, the 850 series has been expanded with additional variants, among them turbocharged petrol versions and a direct-injection turbo-diesel.

The Volvo 850 was also the first car in the world to offer side-impact airbags, which were introduced in autumn 1994.

In model year 1997, the S70 replaced the 850 Sedan car.

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Of all the things you’d think I’d have looked at, the actual transmission knob in the cockpit isn’t one of them. Thanks Alex, that’s an important detail.

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