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Volvo 940 Throttle Body Service Tutorial

Check out this Throttle Body Service Tutorial

throttle_linkage -Throttle Body Service Tutorial

940 throttle body service – Very clear write-up with good pictures

writer100 shares:

“My efforts to improve the durability and drivability of this 16 year old car continue. Today I cleaned the throttle body. As you all know, modern cars route blowby exhaust gases back into the intake in order to burn them. This causes coking in the throttle body which must be periodically cleaned. This is an easy service requiring few tools and is suitable for a beginner.


I don’t even remember when this had last been done on this car — several years ago, that’s for sure. The car had ran well, but cold start idle was rough, and it seemed to run quite rich, emitting a lot of fumes, reminiscent of my mother’s old 1969 Mercury station wagon, back in the happy days before catalytic converters.”

TWR1980 wrote:

“What is the smaller vacuum hose for. I want to clean my TB but I cant remove the smaller hose because it is deteriorating…if i pull too hard it will surely rip/disintegrate? It doesn’t look like a standard vacuum hose or I would just rip it off and replace it.

Update: Whatever that hose was for, it crumbled a bit but i was able to ease it off, and get it back on. Throttle body was very dirty and it was easy to remove and put back on. Nice write-up.”

Now if I can just find my vacuum tree…”


940 1994: Throttle Body Service Tutorial

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