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Timing Marks Alignment and Adjustment

aa_ezra » Ok so finally got the timing belt on, extra hands made it possible.

How do you adjust the sprocket timing with the 10, 20 , 0 and 10 marks?

So here are my current timing marks rotated the engine clockwise about 3-4 times check alignment every time. crankshaft is spot on so is the exhaust cam. the intake is the only problem i think.

Is it good, or bad?

Retired MVS Contributor » You need a lock to keep the cam from moving off the mark by itself, which it will do…The pressure of the valve springs on the cam lobes forces the cam to seek the low point on the cam lobe, and it will sneak off the mark when you aren’t looking…It has been done often without the tool, but for the most part it is a trail and error procedure…You put it on, you see that it is off a bit, you take it off and try again, etc, etc, etc…One tooth off on only one of the cams does not look like much as far as eyesight is concerned, but it will make a big difference in performance…The crank shaft rotates 2X faster than the cam shafts…A small error on the cam shaft becomes double at the crank…

Looking at the picture of the crank shaft sprocket carefully, I don’t think that parallax will account for how far off it looks to be…I could be wrong, but it looks to me like I am looking directly down the center of that groove between the teeth…

I did not say one needs the tool after the belt is removed, I said the tool needs to be inserted BEFORE the belt is removed…If the belt has been removed before the tool is inserted, it is too late already…

timing marks

Timing Mark alignment and adjustment

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Fred Triana says:

Hi having problems as to were to poi t the timeing light on the volvo c202 1978 on shaft help its runs but in higber speed it stats to mis help

someone has cut part of my timing cover off, doing so they cut off the timing marks. the tension pulley failed and i need to set the cam timing with the belt off. any ideas?

2000 s80 t6 whats the correct crankshaft mark for tdc when replacing head after replacing due to bent valves after timing belt idler failure.

Regan F. Scheepers says:

Hi, I was hoping that some-one could please help me with the timing of my Volvo S60 2.4 turbo (2003)I have replaced my timing belt the past weekend and although the car seems to be performing as usual, the engine warning light have come on. I am under the impresssion that I have not lined up the marks as I should have. I don’t have any specialised tooling. So I will appreciate it if somebody could please give me some guidelines on what is the correct way to set the timing. If at all possible please send me some pictures that shows the marks on the cam pulleys as well as the crank pulley. Also give me some advise as to how I can fix the cam pulleys without having to buy tools ( the budget in completely depleted.

Thanks in advance.


how do you replace the front oil seal on the camshaft on a 91 volvo 940gl non-turbo?

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