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Shipping Volvo Parts to Canada – Who has the best prices?

MVS Forum members discuss where to buy Volvo parts if you live in Canada and don’t want surprise brokerage charges when the box arrives, or if you don’t want to spend 1x the amount of the parts on shipping.

Canadian? Where & How to buy parts online…

Well I was just checking out my saved shopping cart at ipd for the PCV job (with related items) I need to do…When I went to “calculate shipping” my jaw dropped. I thought let me check out how much JUST the PCV kit is itself to ship to eastern Canada. The kit is $96.00, the shipping is $91.00 … I fell off my chair. Then i barfed.
I don’t get it, the oil trap can’t possibly be heavy enough to justify that (yes I know, customs and duties included in the option I chose – you pay it either way so..) Nobody would EVER pay that I don’t think. I’ve made a larger order from there before that didn’t cost as much shipping, probably about the same weight.

So, I called FCP Groton to compare. I called because their online shipping calculator never works for me (but their customer service is great, and helpful – so is IPS’s ). Anyway, the guy told me for the PCV kit it would be $137.00 including shipping. $115.00 for the part and only $22.00 for the shipping. That’s completely reasonable. I duno what IPD is smokin’. Hah.

renns said:

“I’ve used FCP for most of my Volvo parts needs. The shipments to Canada are quick, and the ‘UPS WorldEase’ shipping method means no nasty brokerage surprises when the box arrives. Don’t forget to use the discount code at the top of this page.

I’ve used AutoPartsWay a couple times, and wasn’t as impressed. Shipping time seemed to vary depending on where the parts were coming from – I don’t think they stock much themselves.”

Canadian part sites & best shipping prices


The best way to get parts shipped to Canada and avoid brokerage fees is to always request USPS priority. We ship to Canada every day and our customers love it! Usually the fee at the border is around $5.00. Average time of delivery is 5-7 days so if you need it faster go with DHL but you have to pay the fees. You can ask for expedited which means the post office gets it to Canada in 1 day but it still takes 3-4 days to go thru Canada unless you are on the border. If you have to get it fast go with DHL and be sure the parts supplier declares value on parts only and not freight. A lot of times we bill freight seperately just to keep customs from making the mistake of charging you duty fees on the total price instead of the parts price. If shipping cost you $100.00 and duty fees are 25% that can cost you another $25.00. Good luck, Lee

David Tustin says:

I need a wiring kit that plugs into the car electrical system for trailer lighting. It is available through my Volvo store– do you stock it?

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