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1968 Volvo 1800S Water Pump Replacement B18 Engine

Let’s talk Water Pump Replacement

If you have over 2.5 million miles on your Volvo P1800, it might be time to change the water pump. Volvo B18 Engine
Here’s how:

  1. Remove radiator (two bolts)
    Suggestion: Put cardboard between fan and radiator to prevent fan blades from smashing fins as you are pulling it out by yourself.
  2. Take alternator top bolt off, remove belt, push alternator out of the way (it should pivot out of the way on the two lower bolts front and rear)
  3. Remove four fan bolts and fan bracket.
    Remove Fan
    Remove pump front cover (hub)
  4. Using a mirror, locate water pump bolts (4)
    Remove bolts
    Remove bolt #5 holding lower pipe going to radiator
    Remove pipe going to heater (pull out)
  5. Pump should come out with slight downward pull
  6. Scrape gasket off block
    On my application I have an aftermarket a/c unit which uses the top two water pump bolts. The bracket for the compressor had to be loosened to allow the new Japanese pump to go up under it and into place.
    The pump gasket can be a pain to try to keep in position while installing. I found my wife’s craft glue stick kept it in place with no problem (Only problem was replacing the glue stick before my wife found out about it)
    Also, be careful with the O-rings on the top of the pump, they can fall off easily.
  7. Pull back the heater pipe and secure it (it will interfere with the pump install)
  8. Position the new water pump, install the two top bolts with an upward push to seat the O-rings.
    Install lower two bolts
  9. Push in radiator lower pipe with a new rubber ring (install bolt to hold it in place)
  10. Re-install fan hub, fan and bracket held by four bolts
  11. Install new alternator belt if needed and re-position alternator after replacing upper bolt.
  12. Re-install radiator and hoses

That’s all there is to it. The mirror made it much easier. The new Japanese pump from IPD works like a charm.

By MVS member 3rdbase. Engine photo by Liftarn.

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frank trincellito says:

hi there do you have a water pump for 1800s B18 engine

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