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Finding Parts for the 2000 V70R AWD’s Oddball B5244T2 Engine

v70r resize - Finding Parts for the 2000 V70R AWD's Oddball B5244T2 Engine

The Volvo B5244T2 engine is an oddball in the Volvo world. The automaker only used it for one year (2000) in their V70R AWD. It was turbocharged with an output of about 261 HP and 258 lb ft of torque. The engine boasted 5 cylinders and was only paired to an automatic transmission.

Since the engine was only used for a single model and single year, owners of the B5244T2 have found that sourcing parts can become problematic, as parts sellers aren’t as familiar with the engine. While most of the B5244T2 engine’s parts are swap-able with other Volvo engines of the time, there are some that are specific only to the B5244T2.

In fact, some parts retailers don’t even list parts for the B5244T2 engine, leaving it up to you to source out the information you need. Forum users have found they often need to contact several parts sellers to verify part numbers for the B5244T2. Some stores support the engine while others don’t.

From an MVS forum user:

Its become apparent as I source parts for my head rebuild that the B5244T2 engine had a very limited and short life.

If you’re looking for B5244T2 engine parts, don’t worry! While it’s a bit more of a headache than other models, you’re not completely out of luck! Check out the forum post below for tips on navigating your way to buying the correct parts, straight from actual V70 owners looking to purchase head gaskets and intercooler hoses for their vehicles.

We’ve also got a wealth of other parts and DIY information on B5244T2 engines and the 2000 V70R, so take a look at the MVS Forum for more information on rebuilding the B5244T2 cylinder heads, valve clearance, and general performance.

FCP seems to carry few parts for B5244T engines?

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