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1999 V70 T5 – Reflections On Servicing Turbo CBV

MVS Volvo Forums moderator abscate explains why working on his 1999 V70’s CBV makes him cry

1999 V70 T5

MVS Volvo Forums moderator abscate explains why working on his 1999 V70’s CBV makes him cry:

Just wanted to share my experiences replacing the diaphragm on this with turbo installed.

On the 1999, it’s a b*******

I’m in the middle of PCV service and replacing the last hoses on my 1999 before it goes to college.

Working behind the motor is tough and it’s tough to get your hands down into the area. Many operations require two hands …more to come.

Approaching the beast…turbo pipe, cooling hoses removed

Here is the winter of your disconnect….

Bolt number one, 10mm wrenches off easy… you are 1/3 done and sitting pretty.

Bolt number 2, at the bottom, you go underneath since your hand won’t fit from top. Note the shiny part of the turbo coolant return pipe. You guessed it…the bolt will not clear the pipe with it installed, so plan on replacing that hose for this job. From below, left hand to start the threads, it is tough moving cover to align but it must be done. Tension bolt number one so that the cover moves but stays in place.

Bolt number 3, tucked behind the heat shield, is the spawn of the Devils seed. You can’t get fingers nor tool in from the side, so you approach it from the top with right hand, jockey the cover with left to get the bolt aligned. I actually fed into the hole with a Kelly clamp I stole from surgery.

When you feel the threads catch, rejoice, turn it down, the go up top with your open end 10mm and turn it in , in 1/12 rotation increments, inverting your wrench each time.

Hopefully you won’t do what I did, and get the cover on, then look under the car and see your CBV spring and diaphragm fell out and yuk have to remove and replace again. Elapsed time, 3 hours.

1999 V70 T5 M reflections on servicing turbo CBV

Servicing Turbo CBV

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