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2005 S60 – Bucking & Shimmying ~1500rpm

S60 coil broken

MVS Volvo Forums member MarcM’s S60 was misbehaving at low RPMs… P2 coil resistance measurements save the day. Ended up being coil #3.

I have been running Shell V-Power Nitro+ (figured I’d run Top Tier gas as my buddy’s A6 calls for) or Irving 91 (super) since I got the car. Beginning of the week I put in ~4 gals of Irving midgrade in car (tight week). Filled up after work with Irving 89 as it seemed to work fine with it. Coming back from work on the interstate I was doing 65-70mph. When I accelerated, I’d get a bump from engine, but ran fine except for those few times. When I got to the state highway, everyone does 55-60mph. Never did the bump again.

I just started car to make my way on a 19.5 mile run. Idled a bit rough. Got about 4 miles and car started bucking and lost some power. Tranny kicked down a gear. CEL started flashing. Turned around and got it back to house.

Anyone have a scan tool in the Southwestern NH area I can borrow (attended or unattended). I have a MacTools ET50 which doesn’t want to work with this car. I’m going to start with a plug change and MAF clean. Any one else have ideas?

With my bad luck with fuel pumps dying with full tanks, I’m hoping that’s not it.

Note: changed fuel filter (WIX) before I did the whole coolant flush debacle a few weeks ago. Car still gets ~23 mpg avg.

I did a pin by pin measurement of new coil. Although aftermarket, it must meet spec (at least initially):
Left position is ground (black lead) on multimeter. * is the spark plug connection. Combo’s not shown are N/C (no connection) for ease.
1 > * = 6.7 MΩ?
1 > 3 = 1.25 KΩ?
2 > 3 = 38 MΩ?
3 > * = 6.7 KΩ?
4 > 3 = 9.5 MΩ?
4 > * = 30 MΩ?

VRD:2005 S60 2.5T AWD – Bucking / shimmying ~1500rpm.

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