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2008 Volvo 5-Cylinder Turbo Hose Diagram and Parts Numbers

Check out the 2008 Volvo 5-Cylinder Turbo Hose Diagram and Parts Numbers

2008 Volvo S60 5 Cylinder Turbo Hoses Routing - data courtesy of Lisle Volvo

If you bought all the items in this 2008 5-cylinder turbocharger diagram, and their correct amounts, you’d spend a wallet-vaporizing $9,707.19.

QuantityProductStock NumberPrice EA
2Lock nut977209$8.25
1Turbocharger, exch8601689$832.64
1Turbocharger, exch8601691$841.44
1Turbocharger, exch8601692$981.91
1Turbocharger, exch8603692$981.91
1Turbocharger, exch8603298$1208.50
1Turbocharger, exch8602395$981.91
1Turbocharger, exch8602396$981.91
1Solenoid valve30670448$70.11
1Solenoid valve30670449$70.11
1Solenoid valve9473212$70.11
1Hose clamp1346542$2.10
1Hose clamp1389647$2.10
1Turbocharger, exch36012378$981.91

The image and data courtesy Lisle Volvo, and the reason for this post, besides making this info searchable/findable, is this Volvo forum topic Help To Identify Hoses in the Volvo V70 & XC-70 2001-2007 S60 2001-2009 forum.

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