How to Heat Your Garage

Warm Garage - How to Heat It

Cold fingers keeping you out of your garage in the winter? Here is a discussion of electric vs. kerosene heating, plus thoughts on insulation. Don’t wait to work on your Volvo because it’s cold out! MVS Contributor BlackBart »  Well I’ve finally done it. After all these years of fighting cold in my garage, projects stopping […]

Are Volvo Jacks Dangerous?

Does the “safe” car company equip their automobiles with dangerous jacks? MVS member mick_jenkins: I was changing out rear brakes and I needed to jack my 2004 Volvo S60 so I could use my jack stand and this heap of hell gave out. Not a good design even when it was functional. I’m so grateful […]

Fix Your Floor Jack

DIY: Floor Jack O-ring Rebuild MVS Contributor CN90 — author of well over a dozen DIYs in the Volvo Repair Database — writes another outstanding DIY, this time for floor jacks… specifically, fixing leaks on them. Generally speaking, if a floor jack fails and it’s not an internal or external leak, it’s a structural failure […]

Strut Job – Brands, Tools & Techniques

MVS Contributor j-dawg shares his thoughts on products, tools and techniques for working on his Volvo’s suspension: I swapped my struts at all corners out today. I haven’t yet driven the car waiting on brake components in the mail but here’s a brain dump: My Gabriel Ultra struts petered out very suddenly over the last […]

Chapman Screwdriver/Torx/Hex Sets 10% off

Chapman Manufacturing’s back at it, helping us save money on very useful mini tool sets that are great for Volvos. Chapman rep Joel Camassar: Use the code Volvo5575 for 10% off the Master Set  or the code Volvo1916 for 10% off of the 1916 mm hex & star/torx set. The #1916 was originally designed for Euro/Japanese […]

Save 10% on the Chapman Master Set

MVS user ChapmanMFG is a rep for the Chapman Manufacturing Company, and they make tools that are perfect for our Volvos. Anyway, he chimed in on the Do it yourself ABS module repair megatopic here in the MVS Volvo Forums offering 10% off a tool set another MVS member used. You can use the coupon code Volvo to save […]

Serpentine Belt Tool DIY

Found a post from someone else on how to make a serpentine belt tool. For a 1.99$ get a pipe cap, grind it with a metal grinder ( duh 😀 ) and then drill a hole through the thread area and use a metal bar to give it some force, I used a big drill bit i had around my garage. It worked just fine. Thanks to the person who came up with this idea, just thought I would spread it and save you 30 dollars as someone else did to me.

How to Use JD’s Delta Link Tool

Instructions — Short Version If you don’t have a feel for mechanical limits of tools, don’t borrow this. Never use impact tools with this tool. Put pin in hole Screw main screw in all the way Do not tighten the top hold down screw Just snug so the pin is held into the metal arm […]

Which ELM 327 To Buy?

So you want to use a phone or tablet to access your Volvo’s codes, reset procedures, and all the goodies you’re locked out of without an expensive scan tool. Since the age of dedicated scan devices is over, you can now use devices you have, like smartphones and tablets. But you need a bridge, something […]

PCV Job – Special Tools Needed?

A few days ago MVS Forums member plumsmooth posted in the 850 Forum asking if there are special tools required for a PCV repair. Among the responses were tools such as a wobble socket extension and torx drivers of varying sizes. …Got a genuine Volvo PCV kit. I trying to gather my tools. Seems I need […]

What’s Up With Volvo’s Security Screws On MAF?

MVS Volvo Forums ninja instarx asks a great question: why the practice of securing the MAF sensor with security screws? “Bought a new MAF and what a difference! Easy starting, smooth running. But what’s up with the 5-point security screws that mount the sensor? Why does Volvo think its so important to not unscrew it? […]

McGard Locking Wheel Bolts Removal: Drill DIY

Lost your wheel key? Feeling down? Well cheer up guy and grab a drill, because MVS has a DIY for you on how to defeat the Volvo wheel locks. Koen from The Netherlands wrote a wonderful tutorial on drilling out the McGard locking wheel bolts that came on Volvos. McGard Locking Wheel Bolts Removal Tutorial