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Diagnosing Bad Engine Mounts

Got some Bad Engine Mounts? Here’s how to determine if your Volvo P80 needs new engine mounts. Text, photos and a video below…

Age is the #1 cause of rubber failure. So you can have 20,000 miles, hit one good bump and blow a mount. Thanks to RSPI/Robert for the great photos and video.

Volvo Forum Discussion on Engine Mounts

From S70 T5 Engine mounts? Volvo Forum topic:

fields 100 » I have a minor issue with a subdued roaring sound when I just start moving or even holding on “D” on the red light.The RPM are 840 on both “N” and “D”, however when I throw it on the “N”, the sound goes away.I tried, having it on “D” and holding the brakes, to raise RPM to about 1100, and that is when the noise is most evident.The best described it is a very low intensity roar and slight vibration. Exaust have been checked as well as the engine mounts, they look normal, without any cracks or sagging. Is it possible, that the rubber on them have hardened enough to transfer that noise? The mounts are original, 47K. Any ideas?

jblackburn » You SURE the front engine mount (by the crankshaft pulley) hasn’t collapsed? At that age, I’m sure it probably needs replacing – that’s where most vibration of that sort comes from. Stick a jack under the oil pan and jack it up slightly – you will be able to see if the rubber has separated.

rspi » My guess is that you have a bad motor mount as well. Likely the one that Justin mentioned. Most people don’t make the effort to check that mount because you have to take the wheel off and pull the skirt back. Here is a pic of a bad mount. When it’s bad, the weight of the motor is in the bottom of the mount, which is rubber but it doesn’t absorb the vibration like a good mount does.

Photos: Good Engine Mount vs. Bad

Diagnosing Bad Engine Mounts
Failed engine mount in a S70
Diagnosing Bad Engine Mounts
Good mount in a S70
Diagnosing Bad Engine Mounts
Bad mount in a 850
Diagnosing Bad Engine Mounts
Good mount in the same 850

Video: Inspecting Motor Mounts on Volvo P80 Cars

S70 T5 Engine mounts?

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