Fast LPT — 2007 XC70 Meets a Stage 3 Tune!

(LPT = low pressure turbo, which is found in all XC70s and many other Volvos. Don’t know what you have? Follow the Read More link to the forum, and ask there.) Building on Fast Friday #11 Tune a Low Pressure Turbo? and Fast Friday #13 Tune My Ride: 98 V70 AWD, Lucky goes all-in on a wild low-pressure turbo car — a 2007 XC70.


To start on the project, we headed over to Portland Speed Industries’ Dynojet chassis dynamometer to get some baseline numbers and to verify that all the stage 0 items had been completed. Starting with a solid foundation is key; it is absolutely imperative to go through the vehicle and make sure all wear items are in OEM new condition or better before trying to make additional power. This is so important to the performance of these cars that the Volvo community has coined a term for it: Stage 0. Thanks to diligent maintenance by CKA motorsports the XC arrived

prepped and ready for some upgrades! low-pressure turbo Volvo -- a 2007 XC70the low-pressure turbo Volvo — a 2007 XC70 exhaust header, turbo and downpipeexhaust header, turbo and downpipe

2007 XC70 Meets a Stage 3 Tune