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Joost’s 1999 V70 XC… it’s Wagon Wednesday

MVS Contributor Joost (jvl) bought his 1999 V70 XC — our Wagon Wednesday car — two years ago. Being a camping enthusiast, it fits his lifestyle well. 

My name is Joost and I live in The Netherlands. I’m 28 years old and work on infrastructure projects as a project leader.

I’ve always liked tinkering and engineering, and I’ve also always liked Volvos. My father has owned a bunch of them and I grew up in two of the three 240’s he owned.

This Is The Picture I Sent To My Girlfriend Asking Whether I Should Buy It -
“This is the picture I sent to my girlfriend asking whether I should buy it.”

When I was 15, he bought a P2 V70 Edition Sport which I really loved as well. My dad missed his 240 though, and felt that the V70 was too big of a leap in time and style. He doesn’t have the V70 anymore.

But he did encourage me to buy an older Volvo because they’re REAL Volvo’s as he said. So after I had to part with my Land Rover, I started looking for a P80 V70XC.

Broken Abs Sensor During Roadtrip -
Fixing ABS during a road trip

The 1999 V70 XC has a drawer system Joost fabricated and installed — “It can be (de)installed in about two minutes by attaching/releasing 2 ratchet straps and disconnecting the 12v plug that powers the solenoid locks.”

Joost’s introduction to MVS in 2016“After my first visit to the gas station, the car started to idle roughly. Sometimes the RPM’s drop to below 600, and without me touching the accelerator, it does get back up to ~900 rpm by itself.”

2nd Battery -
Second battery

This 1999 V70 XC is my third car and my first Volvo. I’ve moved up from a Honda Jazz (solid but small) and then a Land Rover Discovery (Big and always broken).

I bought the Volvo late 2016 with 273.000 KM on it. It’s never let me down so far, but has required a load of work, some of which I do myself. It now has 335.000 KM.

Most of the MVS-users will be familiar with these topics… ETM rebuild, B+ wire, ECC sensors, MAF sensor(s), brakes, control arms, radiator, heater core, Nivomat suspension…. angle gear rebuild (it now whines again, unfortunately) and the list will probably grow longer!

Despite the extensive work that is required to keep it rolling comfortably, I really love the car.

Camping -

It’s been reliable, is relatively quick and comfortable and it is great for roadtrips (especially after trying to do a roadtrip in a Land Rover: you get to appreciate the peace and quiet in the Volvo).

In the past two years I’ve added this and that to the car because I just like tinkering.

Whenever something happens to me that is annoying, I try to engineer a simple solution.

Therefore, it’s got some special options that are described in my signature.

It didn’t take long for it to earn its nickname as a Land Rover Recovery

Bushcraft -

V70 XC Modifications

“I like to do all the builds in such a way that if I would ever have to sell the car, I can undo all the modifications without damage (except the holes I cut in the trunk panel for the LED lights, but this was a conscious decision).”

  • electronics
  • 2nd battery (with isolator)
  • 2200w pure sine wave inverter 
  • LED work lights in tailgate
  • LED traffic advisor
  • RC parking lights
  • audio
  • stock tweeters front and back
  • 8″ underseat powered sub
  • camping extras
  • ‘drawer system’ in trunk 
  • solar panel on roof rack
Dirt Road -

Especially the drawer system is great for quickly finding your stuff in a packed car without having to take stuff out first.

It can be (de)installed in about two minutes by attaching/releasing 2 ratchet straps and disconnecting the 12v plug that powers the solenoid locks.

The LED spots in the trunk run off the 2nd battery but are switched by the trunk latch which is really handy.

During camping trips, I add a solar panel to the roof rack that charges the 2nd battery, which supplies me with enough juice to keep all of our food cold in a compressor fridge. It also powers all of our tent lights.

Tailgate Leds -
LED spots
Solar Panel Setup -
Solar panel

Thanks to Joost for the time he took to write details and send photos of his Volvo.

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