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Rear Wiper Maintenance

volvo rear wiper

The rear wiper blades sweep water away from the windscreen and rear window. Together with the washer fluid they clean the windows and ensure visibility for driving. The windscreen wiper blades must be in service position when they are to be replaced. The wipers return to their starting position when you briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button to set the car’s electrical system to key position I (or when the car is started).

Replacing the rear wiper blades, rear window

  1. Fold out the wiper arm.
  2. Grip the inner section of the blade (by the arrow).
  3. Turn anticlockwise to use the blade’s end position against the wiper arm as a lever to detach the blade more easily.
  4. Press the new wiper blade into position. Check that it is firmly installed.
  5. Lower the wiper arm.

In some cases the rear wiper maintenance is more involved than simply changing out a defective wiper blade. The rear wiper motor will likely need to be checked out. To access the rear wiper motor, remove the wiper arm, take off the rear door panel and see if the motor will come out carefully from the glass. If the motor is giving you problems, re-greased it, and re-fitted it.

volvo rear wiper


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