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Replace Headlight on a 2003 Volvo

volvo headlight replacement

Refer to this handy replacement headlight bulb guide for a smoother fix.

This automotive replacement headlight bulb guide is used for general information only, we are not responsible for any mistake that might be listed on this bulb guide. The actual bulb type/application for your vehicle might be varied. Please consult your vehicle owner’s manual or your local car dealerships for the corrected bulb type.

Begin with the vehicle’s model and year for the headlight and foglight bulbs. Once you find the bulb type you are looking for, just click on the hyper-link and it will bring you to a page with that particular bulb type, which you can choose from different wattages (standard or high output) and the color/temperature that you preferred. If your vehicle is equipped with OEM HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs, please look under the rows that indicated with “HID” within the guide.

MVS Forum Member getforth asks:

How do I replace a headlight on a 2003 xc70?
I’ve read that this is simple, but have yet to find some simple clear advice on how to do this.
Any suggestions, or should this be best to leave to Volvo service?

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

First of all, most any Autoparts store is going to have the replacement bulb. Check on the back of your owner’s manual for the correct one, but it should be a 60 W, HB-3 bulb. I bought one for our ’04 V70 at Auto Zone.

There is a round screw on lid at the back of the headlight. Make sure you get the right one unscrewed and off. The passenger side seems very very cramped and difficult to get off. I replaced the driver’s side a few months ago. Once the cover is off, just reach down and disconnect the connector to the bulb. Tape it out of the way, as it will swing back into place and get in your way. Now, there is a metal spring clasp you have to unclasp and then reclasp. I’ll let you read the rest directly from the manual (either section or page 120 of your manual)

Replace a Headlight on a 2003 V/XC 70

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Al Lipkind says:

When I replaced my headlight I noticed that the socket was burned and all that was left was the metal plug for the headlight. The Volvo dealer only supplies the original plastic replacement socket. I found a place that sells a replacement ceramic socket that is much better. This is the site
It shows the ceramic with a right angle bend that is perfect. Also I used butt end connectors to put the wires together..

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