1999 Volvo V70 R dipstick pushing up

Dipstick pushing up, but the PCV has already been done. Dan McBoost fixed a very common Volvo P80 and P2 problem: pressure in oil pan pushes dipstick out. But first he had to cause the problem. To do that, he did his V70 R’s PCV system and replaced a whole bunch of wear items. The […]

PCV Job – Special Tools Needed?

A few days ago MVS Forums member plumsmooth posted in the 850 Forum asking if there are special tools required for a PCV repair. Among the responses were tools such as a wobble socket extension and torx drivers of varying sizes. …Got a genuine Volvo PCV kit. I trying to gather my tools. Seems I need […]

PCV Job for V70 and S70 Non-turbo

Since mine is a Non-Turbo, there are minor different designs compared with Turbo Models. In addition, I will point to areas of possible problems for people. – Read the above write-up for Turbo. – Copy Radio AM FM channels, disconnect battery for safety. – Remove electrical connections to Throttle and Idle Valve – Remove these […]

850 T5 blue puff of smoke

I just wanted to post the update since the PCV replacement. Today was the first nice day on which I could actually see whether the oil smoke comes out of the exhaust. I drove pretty aggressively to test the symptom, but there was no sign of “puff” at all. So I’m assuming that PCV replacement […]

PCV cleaning/replacement

If you have positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) bogging down your ride indicated by oil blow-by on your oil filler hose or smoke coming from your dipstick tube, now is the time to replace or at least clean your PCV system. Without proper maintenance, you could be damaging your engine seals without knowing it.

Here is a write-up from another site, but really excellent with pictures!