Shock Absorbers 101

MVS Sponsor iPD’s Ken and Cameron answer our shocks and struts questions: What do shocks do? How do you know when your shocks & struts are worn out? Once you know you need to replace the shocks on your Volvo how do you know which are right for you? Here, Ken and Cameron discuss the […]

Shock Talk! And Tires Too

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

Prior to the tire swap, using sorry looking 205/55R16 Toyo Versado LX’s at 40 psi with the Konis set at full soft, the handling was outstanding. There was slight oversteer near cornering limits, which to me is where handling is best.

C70 1999 Rear Shocks & Mounts Tutorial

New MVS Forum member SeeSeventy shows us step-by-step how to replace rear shocks on a Gen 1 Volvo C70. He chose to replace the old shocks with Bilstien TCs. Replacing the rear shocks and shock mounts is more difficult than the front struts. The difficulty comes as a result of working in tight space with […]

Koni vs. Bilstein vs. Sachs

Which shocks to go with? Title says it all… this is a discussion on ride vs. performance vs. cost. Generally, Koni adjustables are recommended the most often if cost is low priority. Koni vs. Bilstein vs. Sachs

V70 Rear Shock Replacement Tutorial

An excellent write-up for replacing rear shocks on 1993-2000 Volvo 850/V70/S70/C70. Procedure 1. Car in Park, Apply Hand Brake. Chock Front wheels! 2. Jack the Rear and place Jackstand under the subframe (where the delta control arms is attached to). Yes Jackstand under the subframe, and not under the control arms. 3. Open the trunk, […]

$48 Monroe Struts Review & Opinion

Inexpensive Replacement Struts Just wanted to put it out there that if you are looking for a good set of struts for your Volvo, I just picked up a pair of Monroe Sensa tracs for $48 each through Amazon with free shipping. These are a great OEM quality strut. Monroe Sensa Tracs Struts