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Lets Talk about Volvo Shocks

volvo shocks and struts

See what our forum members have to say about volvo shocks and struts.

No matter what your handling objectives, your car’s driveability depends on shock absorbers. The shocks perform their duties by keeping the spring rebound in check. Since shock absorbers have such a profound effect on ride control and stability, good shocks go hand in hand with driving safety.

There are a number of ways to determine if it’s time for new shocks. The first is fairly subjective; if your car no longer rides as well as it used to; If it seems to bounce and drift more than you remember, or nose-dive when you brake, your shocks are probably worn out. An oil soaked shock indicates seal failure and must be replaced, however a light film of oil is normal. Torn or blown out mounting bushings can result in annoying clunks and rattles and the inability of the shock to perform as it was intended.

MVS Forum Member KOI asks:

I would like to install Shocks & Strucks By Bilstain the yellow ones , is there any comment about Bilstain products for Volvo 850 1994 non turbo, thanks.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Yellow ones? Are those the Touring…if so, that’s what I have. I like them very much. They are more forgiving on the harsh surfaces of pot-holed roads than the OEM struts and shocks that came with my car. If you’re over 60K miles on your car I would also change shock mounts, spring seats in the front and look over your strut mounts and possibly change them. Also, change out your swaybar endlinks. These things will make a huge difference and restore new-like drivability in your car! have great prices.

MVS Forum Member pfeener says:

The yellow ones are the HDs (heavy duty; much stiffer). The black ones are the touring.

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