Adjusting the Wastegate

Curious if your Volvo’s wastegate is properly configured? MVS Volvo Forums Contributor sleddriver documents adjusting the wastegate. He finds it off, and corrects it. Often owners “give them a few turns” to keep the turbo spinning in more situations, which reduces turbo lag when you floor it. This normally doesn’t cause damage because these Volvos are […]

2001 S80 T6 Turbo Replacement DIY

MVS Forums member abdomar528 documented this Volvo S80 turbo swap with many good photos to illustrate the steps he took during his oustanding 2001 S80 T6 Turbo Replacement DIY. Here’s an example of what abdomar wrote for Step 15: “BEFORE placing the oil return line seals back into position, you want to use some silicone […]

850 Turbocharger Install Tips

You can get the CBV diaphragm from lots of places, but I would make sure it is made by Mitsubishi. I have seen posts recently about people getting new CBVs that leak immediately or soon. I have bought them on eBay in the past but it is getting tougher and tougher to buy there and not end up with junk.

1999 V70 T5 – Reflections On Servicing Turbo CBV

I’m in the middle of PCV service and replacing the last hoses on my 1999 before it goes to college.

Working behind the motor is tough and it’s tough to get your hands down into the area. Many operations require two hands …more to come.

Approaching the beast…turbo pipe, cooling hoses removed

Here is the winter of your disconnect….

Bolt number one, 10mm wrenches off are 1/3 done and sitting pretty.

Bolt number 2, at the bottom, you go underneath since your hand won’t fit from top. Note the shiny part of the turbo coolant return pipe. You guessed it…the bolt will not clear the pipe with it installed, so plan on replacing that hose for this job. From below, left hand to start the threads, it is tough moving cover to align but it must be done. Tension bolt number one so that the cover moves but stays in place.

Need To Modify 16T Compressor Housing?

“Is it possible to change the 16t compressor wheel to a 18t compressor wheel without having to modify the 16t compressor housing ? I recently acquired a 16t turbo off an S70. I have the rebuild kit ordered and want to know if I can just upgrade the wheel while I have it apart?”

How do Volvo turbo control valves (TCV) work?

When they fail, how do they fail? Its a pulse modulated solenoid. So it opens and closes like a fuel injector to get the right boost characteristics throughout the entire rpm range.  No air is lost in these systems. They tend to fail with the red and blue open (no boost) but most are replaced […]

Troubleshooting Low Boost

Underboost is a condition that can be caused by several issues including: Bad TCV Bad Turbocharger Failed boost sensor (for models that have them) ECU seeing overboost and cutting back until reset and condition remedied Failed MAF (for ecu’s that use the MAF to determine boost pressure) Failed atmospheric sensor ( again for those that […]

Fitting the Right Turbo to Your 850

I have a ’96 850 Turbo Wagon and I need to replace the TD04HL-15G turbo. So I found one and took it to my mechanic this morning. Turns out it’s not quite the right one. The mfg # from what was pulled from my car is 49189-01310 (OEM # 9146785). The replacement is a 49189-01300 […]

S40 with White Smoke From Exhaust

S40 with White Smoke From Exhaust… Bad Turbo? A few months ago I noticed white smoke from the exhaust during acceleration when on the parkway. The white smoke doesn’t appear during startup, normal idle or when driving locally. At first I thought it might be head gaskets. I brought it to a service station who […]

Let’s Talk Turbochargers: New or Rebuild

Turbo: New? Rebuilt/Reman? Or overhaul? Brand new turbo from Mitsubishi, $930 shipped, or Remanufactured turbo $525, or DIY overhaul, or some other things to try detailed in this “Turbo Talk” Volvo forum topic. This is a great read for anyone interested in knowing about your choices when your turbo gets old or fails completely. Photos, […]

Tightening up the Turbo Waste Gate ?

Wastegate Settings – Numbers and Theory The idea here is to assure the wastegate valve remains closed until the wastegate experiences the preset pressure in the VADIS doc above. Anything higher than the Vadis pressure and the wastegate valve shoud move/open. I have a magnetic dial gauge I use to monitor the wastegate valve action […]

Lost PSI on Turbo Boost

How to Isolate Low Boost Problems Usually if your wastegate is stuck open you wouldnt get 12psi. So, id say thats not the prob. but, what makes me wonder is when you disconnected the vac line to the wastegate why you didnt get more than 12psi. When i disconnect mine and i have a stock […]

’97 850 Turbo De-Tuning

“Help Me Make My Volvo Slower”? I know I’m going to sound stupid and ignorant with this, but I need to know if there is any way to tune down my 850 turbo. I kicks in at the slightest throttle pressure and is just eating up gas at a horrific rate. It apparently is not […]