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Having Trouble With Your Volvo’s Turbo?


Are you having problems with your Volvo 850, S70, V70 or XC’s turbo?

Everyone seems to agree that a properly maintained Volvo turbocharger should outlast the rest of the car, but what do you do when you start to notice a change in performance? You really shouldn’t wait around to find out what will happen. Many people, including our own forum users, have experienced the dreaded turbo burnout and you’ll want to avoid being one of them if at all possible.

MVS Forums member matthew1 asked:

Have you had a problem with your 850, S70, V70 or XC’s turbocharger? Not the car itself, just the turbo unit specificall

MVS Forums member BWSmith201 replied:

Yeah, I had mine burn out on me once. I had a ’99 S70 that was a real pain (don’t have that anymore) and it once started spewing this white smoke out the back on I-25. The turbo burned up (not user error! I’m not much of a speed-racer) and it got so hot it melted the gearbox. Thank God for warranties! $6000 in repairs, not a cent from me! In retrospect, I can’t believe I actually got another S70 turbo after all that. BUT, it’s been a great car!

MVS Forums member Alanj added:

A turbo should not break. If, it breaks it means that the service was not done. I have had quite a few Turbo engine cars from the 245 to the S70. All the cars I had had their original unit. The reason is quite simple:
1. Use only quality oil and replace it respecting Volvo prescriptions.
2. Do not solicit the car too much when the engine is cold.
3. Wait 30 seconds before stopping the engine after an extreme drive.
Anyway, these units have clearly been improved in the last 20 years. Water cooled units have been put on 740 and these were twice as reliable as the old oil cooled turbo from 240 series. Concerning the low pressure units, I guess nobody has broken it. It should be even more reliable.

Matthew 1 even set up a poll for users to respond. As of October 2017, 43% of the 87 respondents claimed they’ve had problems with their 850/70’s turbo, with 57% claiming otherwise.

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Had Trouble With Your Turbo?


can you disconnect turbo and still drive car v70 with 92k

When my ’98 S70 GLT bottoms out, or I hang my nose to far over a curb, my intercooler hits. The bottom is plastic, it cracks, makes my turbo smoke and eventually blow out. I’m on my 3rd turbo and my second intercooler. I now check my intercooler over and over and repair the crack with epoxy when necessary.

2000 V70 XC has 120k and turbo sounds terrible. Is replacement with used turbo advisable ?

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