Volvo 850 Heater Core Replacement Tutorial

Tutorial: Replace the heater core on a 1993-2000 Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70 and XC70

Heater coreThis post should apply to all 850s and first generation 850, S70, V70, C70 and XC70 Volvos. I chose to go with showing how the heater coupling is replaced in addition to the heater core as when I attempted to replace JUST the heater core I had leaking in the cockpit. This may have been in part my badly rusted IRON heater pipes, which I replaced with the newer aluminium ones from V70/later 850. As the inner seal kit is not available the only choice is to replace the entire coupling.

Volvo 850 Heater Core Replacement Tutorial

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  1. I have a 2000 volvo s70 non turbo.The heater core went bad and the pipes where rusty .got new pipes and heater core and also got a new connectors because when I was removing the old pipes I broke the connections at the firewall.I putting that new piece in but I dont know where way it installs (the piece that attaches to the firewall)It has a little straight place on the part I dont know if that goes up or down and that is where I am stuck…yes I am dumb

  2. Im having an issue getting the heater core from the black sleeve. I have a volvo v70 xc 2001. I have pulled both pins on the aluminum tubes, but there is a little black relay that is attached to my brake pedal that is preventing the heater from just being pulled straight out, I have the car inoperative at the moment till I can figure out how to remove the heater core, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  3. I am not a gear head, but I watched the tutorial (link below) and it took much less than an hour to complete. Use an OEM part, it is worth the couple extra dollars. What was most surprising was how well the panels went back together.

    There are also questions, on the web for removing the coolant built up on the inside of the windshield. Exterior windshield washer fluid is the only thing that works. Soak a paper towel and wiped clean with dry towel, takes a couple times to get all residue.

  4. I just replaced my heater core, it went super easy and quick (I had the old core out of the car in 12 minutes?!)

    My only issue was having to tighten the coolant lines with a ratchet due to leakage. Then realized…what’s that little bag of O-rings on my seat? But in 5 minutes and another half gallon of coolant it is all set now.

    This was super easy in my 2000 V70 XC. You don’t need to spend huge dollars at a dealer to fix this!

    IPD has a great video on youtube on this, just search “V70 heater core”

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