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OEM Axles Only? Maybe not… WorldPac

Let’s talk about OEM Axles

Conventional wisdom here at MVS Volvo Forums says use OEM/Volvo/”blue box” parts.

But a local indie mechanic here in Denver said he uses axles from CarQuest, and they come from a company called WorldPac. Huh? He said they’re just as good as OEM but 1/3 the price, and have just as long lives. Ok, so I did some investigative work. I called and spoke to a person “off the record” at WorldPac. Literally, he said “you didn’t hear it from me.”

They only sell to shops like CarQuest, note.

So what did he say? He said EMPI and FEQ are WorldPac brands, and they’re very good. “I’d but them on my car. They are not remans, they’re new.”

Here’s some EMPI MVS forum topics that leave me with an overall confident feeling.

I asked if axles bought at Carquest had any markings or distinguishing features to ensure they came from WorldPac (if in generic or CarQuest packaging), and he said no. SO, without doing scientific tests on axles, there’s my $.02. I put a $75 axle from CarQuest on my 850 in December 2011. Putting my money where my mouth is :-).

OEM Suspension Only? Maybe not… WorldPac

OEM Axles

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Purchased a Carquest driver CV for my 850 and it started clicking and vibrating within a year. Purchased both Cardone CV’s for my 850 and they don’t click yet, but they vibrate under acceleration and over 75 MPH REALLY bad. Cardone units are extremely bad.

Installed an Empi on the left front. after a few thousand miles, so far so good.

I have installed a Right front EMPI axle in my 2002 V70 about 4000 miles ago and its working great and installed without problems and I will use EMPI again when I do the left side.

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