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Volvo XC60 Electronic Park Brake Replacement

Electronic Park Brake

Here’s a Volvo XC60 Electronic Park Brake Replacement Procedure from MVS (now) Contributor Tiny Tim 007… a beautiful DIY in PDF form for XC60 owners:


Below I have put the instructions for replacing the rear linings with Electronic Park Brake. When I discovered that my rear linings needed replacing I got the parts and figured as I always do when replacing my own brakes it would be a hour job and not have to pay someone for something I can do. Very soon into the job I realised that the Electronic Park Brake (EPB) was going to be an issue. After research on the forums I soon realised that you needed a computer to retract the EBP motors to push back the pistons to get the new pads in. After an hour of searching one post referred to the instructions in the actual of the box of the new pads. I looked and true as nuts there were the instructions from Volvo without having to use a computer to retract the rotors. So I took some pictures of the procedure hoping this will help other DIY folks. Please note that this worked for this helps Good luck!

Volvo XC60 Electronic Park Brake Replacement

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