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Water drain plug locations? 1999 C70 convertible

Wondering about the Water drain plug locations?

Convertible drain servicing notes

MVS Volvo Forums member JsinnC70

I am having a terrible time finding any info on the locations of the water drain plugs that are in the roof storage bay. My top is broken and will not go down. Is there any way I can access and clean the water drains? If so, how?

MVS Volvo Forums member cuhfs

I did the research on how to fix this water problem and just did this on my 2001. The convertible hatch has 4 hockey puck sized drain plugs. You access them by putting the top down only half way so as to stop with the hatch basin open. Do not let the hatch basin get filled by the folded top. With the hatch empty you will see the 2 black drains in the rear of the car, they are easy to work with. Use a thin flat head screwdriver and lift the plastic drain cover (lots of holes in the cover) and that will reveal one drain hole. Use an air compressor to blow out the hole. There is one on each side at the rear convertible hatch.

Water drain plug locations? 1999 C70 convertible

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