Timing Belt Tension Specification on a 1998 Volvo

Volvo does not publish belt tension specs for “white” engines. The hydraulic tensioner took care of it and then the eccentric tensioners have the goalposts as marker for the correct tension range with engine cold.
The cast iron block 16 valve 4 cylinder had a spec of 4 but no unit was listed since the tool was provided by Volvo and it had no units on its face, just the numbers.

I worked for the manufacturer when that car was new and there was no information in any of the published info for technical personnel.

V70R Fuel & Emissions Pipe Routing

MVS Volvo Forums member scot850 (Neil) drops a very nice documentation of 2000 V70R fuel/emissions pipe routing. As I have taken a whole load of photos, and can take more in needed, I will do this in stages, and feel free to chip in and ask for clarification. Firstly, I will start with the fuel […]

Replace 1998 S70 GLT Coolant, Radiator Hoses

MVS Volvo Forums member extraordinaire CN90 writes a beautiful DIY for how to replace a 1998’s coolant hoses and radiator hoses.

This is strictly preventive maintenance:

– The Turbo Coolant Hose was bulging and about explode any time.
– The Lower Rad Hose is leaking at the radiator side.
– Since I am replacing the Turbo Coolant Hose, I may as well replace both Rad Hoses.


– Lower Rad Hose PN 9470409 for Turbo (NA different PN); about $35 at dealer.
– Upper Rad Hose PN 1335433, about $15 at dealer.
– Turbo Coolant Inlet Hose PN 6842190, about $8 at dealer.

Heater Core Hoses Fix

…  for 850, S70, V70, XC70, and V70-XC Volvos up to model year 2000. MVS Volvo Forums member Boxman gives us an outstanding heater core junction block bypass DIY. It’s a concise writeup with good pictures. As these things get old, the plastic turns brittle. As long as you don’t touch it, it will probably hold up […]

Vacuum Lines on Turbo 1993-2000 850/S70/V70/XC70

MVS Forums Contributor and enthusiast CN90 turns the volume up to maximum and cranks out a beautiful post about a particular Pre-2001 850/S70/V70/XC70 failure point: vacuum lines. [Looking for non-turbo vacuum line routing?] I just want to dedicate a thread strictly to photographing the vacuum lines in these aging Volvos. As the car gets older, […]

Turbo S80 TCV & Vacuum Line Routing

The pressure from the outlet of the turbo presses on the wastegate diaphragm to keep it closed. When the ECU decides there is enough boost, it stops allowing the air from the turbo outlet from going to the wastegate actuator and allows it to go to the compressor inlet tube. The system is a pulse width modulated system meaning it is never “always on”, but instead cycled on for longer periods of time to increase boost, and shorter to decrease boost. When the TCV is off, air from the compressor is dumped to the compressor inlet, and the spring pressure in the wastegate is what regulates compressor outlet pressure.

DIY $2 Serpentine Belt Tool & Routing

MVS Forums member QuirkySwede offers up a challenger to the hotly-contested World’s Cheapest Serpentine Belt Tool Trophy™ (see my own 75¢ job). Plus he sheds some light on serpentine belt routing theory and practice. Notice how Volvo first changed routing to improve grip on the alternator, and later (bottom right) routing regained grip on the […]

V70 P0455, P0440, P0442 Fix w/ Photos

Finally got fed up with the host of evap codes on my 1998 V70 AWD and went ahead and replaced the canister hoses, rollover valve hoses, purge valve (and surrounding hoses), and the three inches of rubber line connecting the small vent filler tube to the hard plastic line coming from top of fuel tank. I didn’t order any special hoses, rather went to Autozone and bought a variety of molded J and U hoses (they were kind enough to let me go the back and pick out what I needed).

Tune Up & Engine Bay Basics

New to DIY’ing? Start here. These are wonderful iPD overview videos for the novice DIY’er. The video’s host goes over where parts are in the engine bay, what they do, and why they’re important. Tune Up Talk 2001+ models http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLnNqCKlwww Tune Up 850/70 series models http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZtJWq7xd68 Tune Up Basics for Volvo 200, 700, and 900 […]

Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line Replacement

MVS Contributor jreed hits it out of the park with a DIY on an overlooked vacuum hose: “I was out looking around in the engine compartment (97 855 GLT with ~162k miles) for opportunities to fix something this morning. I’ve already replaced most of the vacuum lines in the car, but I found a short crumbly vacuum connector that I had overlooked the last few times I checked the car. This connector is located above the transmission, near the lower radiator hose. It is part of the Fuel Pressure Regulator line from the intake tube near the MAF Sensor and connects between a white hard plastic line and a metal line that runs over to the fuel pressure regulator on the passengers’ side.”

Blown Heater Hose: 1998 S70 T5

I was out driving home after getting home, getting a text to pick up some cough medicine and doing so, and almost made it home. I accelerated to 50 after the person in front of me turned left and heard POP! followed by a huge trail of steam behind my car. I immediately pulled her […]