Stage 0 and So Much More… Fix List for a V70

MVS Contributor Sledddriver goes on an multi-month blistering repair & fix odyssey, taking his 1998 V70 T5 from the edge of roadworthiness to 100% functional and reliable… all for not even $1000.  This is Stage 0 and way, way more. Following up on Tryingbe’s theme [of restoring to 100% a P80 Volvo], here’s a list of sled-work […]

2001-2007 Volvo V70 Fuse Troubleshooting

MVS member daparish had a strange electrical event on his 2005 V70: Had to have vehicle towed after 2 flat tires on freeway, after tires installed got car back started and drivable, but: no power windows function (front both sides) no functions from drivers door control panel or passenger panel no central locking function from […]

Volvo 5-Cylinder Engine Firing Order

Get it wrong and it won’t run! Firing order and plug wire order is often wrong on google searches as well as in the Haynes manual- if anyone is searching for this information, it’s CORRECT right here on MVS! This is for 850’s and first year S/V/XC/C70’s (’98’s). Starting trouble post plug wire install

Disconnected Battery, Now Sunroof Won’t Open

Sunroof stuck closed –  fix stuck sunroof MVS Forums Contributor brandonbeach14 disconnected his 2001 V70’s battery, and now his sunroof won’t open. This is how to fix a stuck sunroof after you’ve disconnected the battery, and explanation why it happens. My electric sunroof won’t open after I had to disconnect the battery cables in the engine bay to […]

Locked Out, Volvo Battery Dead – V50

MVS ex-Moderator vegasjetskier tells us — with diagrams from the owner’s manual — how to unlock a modern Volvo that has a dead battery. Need to unlock your Volvo that has a dead battery? This is what it says in the owner’s manual: Locking or unlocking the vehicle with the key blade The driver’s door […]

The Birth, Life & Death of an XC90 T6

Ok, that title was a little dramatic, but that’s the idea. MVS member XVTer bought a 2004 XC90 T6 a few years ago for his wife. In between the buying date and selling date he posted some of the best tune-up, Stage 0 and restoration info for XC90s I’ve ever seen. This is his XC90 T6 story. […]

How To Troubleshoot Volvos

This is how to troubleshoot Volvo problems. This is a gold standard, a troubleshooting level we should all aspire to. Read through the forum thread and see how MVS Volvo Forums Moderator Steve absolutely nails it. This is his account of the 48 hours after he’s left stranded in a parking lot… how he limps his 1999 V70 manual home, and how he gets to the root of the problem a day later.

Window Regulator Fix S80

MVS member Al D has a broken window… it won’t roll up or down. In this Volvo Forum post he documents his S80’s window regulator fix, including his methodology on making his window roll up and down smoothly again: SUBJECT VEHICLE: 2005 Volvo S80 (AND OTHERS) – Regarding replacing the window regulator and/or the blue […]

XC90 2.5T – Replacing Front O2 Sensor Step-by-Step

Need to replace your 5-cylinder XC90’s front O2 sensor? Use this nice XC90 O2 sensor DIY with clip connector info and photos. MVS Volvo Forum member joelq created this tutorial: The CEL on my 2004 XC90 with ~148k miles has been on with a P0134 code – “Oxygen O2 Sensor Circuit No Activity”. Pretty sure I’m […]

Volvo 850 How-To Bypass AC Thermal Switch

Phil: “Since it’s that time of season and I had problems with my A/C thermal causing me problems I thought I would do a ‘how-to’ on bypassing it. I couldn’t find anything with pictures so here you go…” First pic is of the A/C thermal (after I’ve cut the wires on both ends) but it […]

How To Find What’s Draining Your Car Battery

“Place an ammeter in series with one of the battery leads with ignition off. Wait 5 minutes for any modules such as PDM.and DDM to.shut down. Current drain should be under 100mA. If it’s much higher you have a faulty component somewhere. Now remove fuses one by one and put them back in immediately until […]