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OEM Wheel Bearing – Early Failure

Experiencing Early Failure?

Actually all these 3 BIG Names (F.A.G., SKF, and TIMKEN) have been around for many, many and many years. They make great bearings. But sometimes in order to carry a full complement of bearings, they use each other products.

The BMW Story:
For example, my 1998 BMW 528i FRONT Bearing is going bad, so after some research…..I found out that BMW Front Bearing (OEM is F.A.G.) is low-volume item (from a mfg standpoint).

Since F.A.G. already has a factory set up for making this bearing, TIMKEN simply buys the bearing but puts it inside a TIMKEN Box.

This is exactly the case, TIMKEN put the F.A.G. bearing in their box!

– I went to my local Autozone b/c they have a TIMKEN HA593427 (for my BMW) in stock for $145.
I opened the Box and sure enough, the Bearing has the F.A.G. name stamped right onto it!
The box even says “Made in Germany”. In other words, if you buy TIMKEN HA593427, you get F.A.G. bearing.

– So I went online and just ordered from Amazon for $111/each (shipping already included).

The Volvo Story:
– Back to the Volvo Bearing, as mentioned above, TIMKEN HA594181 is the part for 1994-1998 years.
I’d not be surprised if you see an F.A.G. bearing inside the TIMKEN box!
You can get this on Amazon for $95/each.
( sells F.A.G. Front Bearing for $130/each).

PS: As mentioned above, if the wheel bearing has the F.A.G., SKF, or TIMKEN stamped on it, it is a excellent product!

OEM wheel bearing – early failure

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Okay, I understand what a bearing is, and that our have degraded, but what is the name of the thing that the bearing fits into, the thing that the emergency brake line goes through on a 1995 volvo 960 wagon. And the hub is the thing with the bolts that the wheel attaches to, right? That goes into the bearing and attaches to the rear axle(?). Please help, We have to find the unnamed part and replace it!

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