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AC Parts & Components in Volvos


Here are the major AC Parts & Components in Volvos. Here are photos and descriptions from the eEuroparts catalog. All these are covered in detail on eEuro’s outstanding AC components page. Moving off the clutch gap and recharging low refrigerant procedures, which themselves are absolutely viable “low-hanging fruit” AC possible fixes for your Volvo air conditioning problems, […]

AC Overcharged, Undercharged? Forget It, Jake. It’s the Gap.

Why Does Ac Blow Warm -

I don’t want to make another blows cold then blows warm* post, because there are several of those already, but I do want to highlight Volvo DIY wizard Jimmy57’s explanation on this AC clutch gap problem, because it’s perfect. * undercharged, overcharged, or just right — doesn’t matter Let’s start with the question: ThreeBear, new […]

FCP July 4th Sale – No Code Needed

4th Sale Hero -

Hot off the News & Deals desk: “Every year we run a sale around July 4th, and we’re excited to confirm we’re doing it again! For a few days only, we’re lowering prices across the site and offering up to 15% off during our July 4th sale. We’d run the sale for longer, but you guys usually […]

Angle Gear Leak Fix – 5cyl AWD Volvo 2001-2006

Angle Gear Fluid Leakage Fix Banner -

If the angle gear leak is only from the angle gear vent, only replace the vent with the new style vent. If the leak is from the angle gear halves, separate and reseal the angle gear housing according to the following procedure in conjunction with the removal and replacement procedures in VIDA.

Volvo News & More — June 2018 Newsletter

Mvs Newsletter June 2018 -

Do you like to know the latest Volvo news? Perhaps you need to get on the Newsletter list! Thanks for buying from MVS Sponsors. You help keep MVS on the Web. Let’s See 111 Pages of your Volvo Thor’s Headlights 4th Gen S60 is Here 1999 XC70 Dies on Highway New MVS Pages Replaced Bulbs […]

Thor’s Hammer Headlights

Tors Fight With The Giants -

  Thor’s Hammer is the nickname given to Volvo headlights since the second-generation XC90 debuted in 2015 on the SPA platform. It’s a distinctive shape that, well, looks like a hammer ;-). The headlights got the moniker Thor’s hammer because Volvo is Swedish, and modern-day Sweden was the center of the Viking Age.   In Norse mythology, Thor is […]

IPD Fathers Day Sale Starts Tomorrow June 17

IPD starts their Fathers’ Day Sale tomorrow! Check it out: Is there really any better way to celebrate Father’s Day than buying parts for your beloved Volvo and saving money at the same time? Okay, okay, maybe there is but that’s not going to stop us from throwing that idea out there. Beginning June 17 […]

2004 V70 2.5T with 104K miles – Engine Sludge

Engine Sludge -

cn90 »  The car is 2004 V70 2.5T with 104K miles. All maintenance up-to-date (Timing Belt at 95K, PCV etc.). Car was serviced exclusively at Volvo dealer. I am the 3rd owner. – Car has slight lifter noise (more than my 2005 XC90 2.5T with 115K, which has exactly the same engine), but overall runs fine, good […]

This is What Volvo Forums Looked Like in 2002

2002 Volvo Forum Questions2 -

This is what MVS Volvo forums looked like in 2002. The early P2 cars were on Volvo dealer showroom floors. EVs were conceptual futurism, not counting the handful of mass-market vehicle electrification business failures. The Segway was set to change the way we moved around cities. “Crossover” was a term used most often in dance instruction […]

Bulb Replacement Guide: 3000-Series Bulbs

Volvo Headlight Bulb2 - Not necessarily a 3000-series bulb. Just a nice image of Volvo bulb-related stuff that goes well with this article.

This is auxiliary data supporting  Volvo Bulb Guide and Cross-Reference topic in the Volvo forum. 3000-Series Bulbs There is likely a good story behind the some of the redundancy for 3#5# bulbs, but I don’t have it. Some manufacturers list THREE different numbers on the same package in addition to A(mber) and K(rypton) variations. Double check […]