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When the C30 & S60 Went Racing

Volvo Touring Class C30 Racecar -  C30, K-Pax, racecar, SCCA

Dax Raub stands among the two dozen or so cars in his shop, pointing out an outrageous race Subaru STi over here, and an outrageous late-model custom street Camaro over there. Above it all, literally, is a  racing Volvo C30 on a lift, outrageous in a somehow quieter way, despite its past fame as a […]

PCV Job on a Volvo 2.9 Engine

2.9 Pcv Job1 -

MVS Contributor SuperHerman steps us through a PCV job on a Volvo 2.9 liter 6-cylinder. This applies generally to either B6294x or B6304x family. This engine powers over a million S80 and XC90 Volvos. If you want an alternate topic to follow for this PCV on a 2.9, check this out. Otherwise here is the link to this Volvo forum PCV job 2.9. […]

It’s Just a Concept – The Volvo 360c

237061 Volvo 360c Exterior -

Well, here it is, the Volvo 360c. It’s not going into production and you won’t be able to buy one.  It’s Volvo’s template for how we’ll get around in a couple decades, that’s all. Unfortunately. This will be remembered as an awkward first impression of what will be the standard in 2040 or so, like […]

TCM Control Module Adaptation – AW55-50

Flares Hard Shifts - AW55-50/51SN

Botbasher » After my recent experiences and discoveries with the loveable slush box we know as the AW55-50/51SN, I thought I would jot them all down for those either having similar issues but finding no joy, or those facing similar issues and wondering what to do. I searched MVS for a deeper explanation for this oft […]

Volvo News! DIYs! And More! August 2018 Newsletter

Mvs Newsletter Aug 2018 -

Thanks for buying from MVS Sponsors. You help keep MVS on the Web. Contents The new Volvo 360c Customers satisfied Non-Volvo cars?  Snapped spring ugh Nice V70 T5 for sale Turbo lines diagram for S/V40? P3 XC70 maintenance talk Have a delta link tool? POTM QOTM News The mysterious 360c leads our Volvo news this […]

Set Timing Volvo B5254T3

Set Timing S40 V40

Need to set timing on a Volvo B5254T3 engine? Here’s the DIY and deep VVT (variable valve timing) explanation from MVS Volvo Forums wizards Rick and Jimmy: RickHaleParker » The reason I had the impression that there was no VVT adjustment is because there are no specific VVT alignment procedures in VIDA 2014D. However after reading […]

Strange ticking sound. No codes. Could be the exhaust manifold.

Exhaust Manifold Sound -

MVS Contributor Rattnalle shows us how to diagnose an exhaust manifold problem. In this case, it was a lost bolt and slipped exhaust manifold gasket. Very helpful video! Last autumn I had a weird ticking sound coming from the car. No other symptoms. Drove well. No codes. Eventually I put my hand behind the engine […]

Re-chrome Headlight Reflectors? Yes.

Get Your Light Back -

So to put it bluntly, my headlights are about as good as some cheap flashlights taped on the front bumper. I’ve looked at buying new assemblies, but even for “cheap” aftermarket I can’t justify the price. However, I’ve had an idea for a cheaper DIY solution, assuming you can do this. Is it possible to […]

XC90 Sabotage – Vandals Destroy Fuel System

XC90 Sabotage -

We have a Category Red issue happening now. MVS Forums member Jeeptroll’s 2006 XC90 V8 was vandalized in Washington, D.C. The vandal(s) put debris in the gas tank after prying open the fuel filler door. The debris could be sugar and plant matter. The XC90 was of course disabled, and he towed it 180 miles […]