Should You Buy a 1998 V70 R with High Mileage?

High Mileage 1998 V70r

Should You Buy a 1998 V70 R with High Mileage? Longtime MVS member and Volvo guru precopster asked, and answered, this very question. Note this car needed a good deal of engine work. Bottom line is $2,000 asking price for a car with 380k kilometres and a head that’s been removed with bent valves. Looks […]

Good-Looking ’98 R for $2900

I’d at least go and see this 1998 V70 R wagon if I were close to California. High miles at 240k, but it reads good, and the seller has been a member here at MVS forums since 2009, so that adds a bit of legitimacy IMHO.

Volvo P2 R Owner’s Guide

P2 R Owners Guide

Below is a list of posts and DIYs that should help any P2 R owner, from fluid questions to which tires to buy. Use it to compare your P2 R ownership experience. While I wrote about owning an R car when I did own it, much of the material linked to from this post was written […]

Volvo P2 R 90k Service Item Checklist

Volvo P2 R 90k Service Item Checklist -

I bought a 2004 V70 R in 2010, and I needed to “baseline” it, get it back to Stage 0. I wanted it to drive like it came right out of the Ghent, Belgium factory like it did in July 2003. After the 90k service listed below, I gave her some Seafoam and new tires.

AWD System Fluids Crush Washer

Check out the AWD System Fluids Crush Washer The Angle Gear, Haldex and Rear Diff are all Volvo part #11998 copper crush washer. This is what Volvo Specialists used for these applications on my V70 R’s 90k service. Crush washer #11998 for Angle Gear, Haldex and Rear Diff   System Fluids Crush Washer Welcome to Matthews Volvo […]

Head Gasket Change Parts List

You want to do the valve seals while you’re at it. This is not an overkill because they are probably nearing the end of their life cycle and will develop oil seepage (just to make you feel regretful one day that you have to redo the gasket).
On another note, have you ever overheated the engine? Even if you haven’t, the mating surfaces for the head gasket need to be planed. There is usually a reason for the gasket to fail (and not always an apparent one).

S70, V70, 850, 850 R: Stock Intake the Best Intake?

Is the Stock Intake really the best? Is the intake a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? After trying several Cold Air Intakes, MVS forum member RobTarD may go back to stock intake on his 1996 850 R.   Welcome to Matthews Volvo Site! Your one stop shop for all Volvo news, […]

Last Call for 2001+ Volvo Problems V70, XC70, S60 etc.

We’re making the Mother of all Polls in regards to failed parts with the P2 family of Volvos, with the exception of the S80. (I’ll dedicate a poll for that model in the Volvo S80 forum soon). In it you’ll be able to vote on what went wrong with yours, then obviously we can take that […]

Will 16″ Rims Fit A P2 S60 R? Or a V70 R?

The P2 (Volvo slang for second generation) Volvo R (Volvo slang for performance model) cars have 302mm brakes. Given that, is it possible to put a sixteen inch wheel onto an R car? “You cannot fit any 16 inch wheel to a P2 R but there are few inexpensive 17 inch aftermarket that fit. If you’re […]

Blow off valve on a 1998 V70R?

How Blow Off Valves Work The blow off valve is opened on lifted throttle as the flow under pressure in intake system through intercooler and hoses is abruptly stopped and the pressure wave will effectively bounce off throtle and go backwards through turbo. This causes stress on turbo and can go backwards through MAF sensor. […]