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Volvo Codes 455 and 543

volvo codes

What do these Volvo codes really mean?

You do not need a special scan tool to read Volvo codes. As electronic systems were added to more Volvo models, more socket options and even more diagnostic connectors were added.

Unfortunately, you cannot use a generic code reader on any of these OBD-I cars: you have to manually extract the Volvo codes from the systems as noted below. 1996+ cars have the entirely different OBD-II system which requires a computerized code scanner to read codes through a special data link.

MVS Forum Member SidneyAB asks:


I get the Volvo codes 455 and 543 from my 95 850 Turbo the car has 75k miles, and I don’t know what this codes means. I the list supplied by the forum I have:

455 – Missfire cylinder 5
543 – missfireat least one cylinder

What exactly it means? I cant find “missfire” in my dictionary, writing from Brazil.


MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Check your plug wires…and plugs. If they are old, change them out. #5 is furthest on your left looking at the car from the front with the hood raised. Probably the 2 Volvo codes are duplicate codes for the same issue.

MVS Forum Member SidneyAB added:

The motors runs smooth, but the light turns on in the dash, two times this week for the same reason, the Volvo codes 543 and 455.

I’ll buy a plug tools to remove then and see what happen.


MVS Forum Member kahf2008 says:

Hi, and thank you for the post, I have got the code 543 today when I did a bad mistake, I bought a hose plug and I put in in place of other hose that was closed with a bolt,. after I left the junk yard, I started the car, and I drove it about 100 feet when I heard a noise. I tought it is something normal with compression, then the car kept shaking and making more fire noises, then it stopped, when I pulled over I found the spark on the coolant side crashed and dirty but others were fine, I towed my car to the house, I changed the spark plus, but I found pieces of metal inside the EGR, I looked for the antifreeze in the tank which was empty, I checked then the oil dipstick and I found it full! the car doesnt crank or start. I guess it is head gasket and bent valves, am I right, or I hope there is something easy to fix. I love my volvo, ad I want to save it. Thank you guys.

Codes 455 and 543

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