Breaking Into Volvos is Hard

Break Into Your P2 Volvo Locked Out -

Here’s an interesting take on the degree of theft-proofness of Volvo cars, by a “former tow truck driver and professional thief (Repo man)” TerrDawg. TerrDawg »  As a former tow truck driver and professional thief (Repo man) the one car in the 80’s and 90’s we absolutely hated was Volvos … The lock out kit included […]

Volvos with CarPlay

Volvos With Carplay

Need a list of Volvos with CarPlay? Be careful what you buy! Not all new Volvos have CarPlay. I’ve been using CarPlay for a year, and I love it. I’d have a difficult time going back to a car without it, in fact. I like it so much I started a CarPlay information and news […]

Are Volvo Jacks Dangerous?

Does the “safe” car company equip their automobiles with dangerous jacks? MVS member mick_jenkins: I was changing out rear brakes and I needed to jack my 2004 Volvo S60 so I could use my jack stand and this heap of hell gave out. Not a good design even when it was functional. I’m so grateful […]

Volvo Recalls 2016 & 2017 Cars for Seatbelt Safety

S60, S90, V60, XC60 and XC90 Go In For Belt Fix Automotive News: “Volvo is recalling about 74,000 U.S. vehicles for an issue that might cause a seat belt to inadequately restrain passengers in a crash. The recall impacts each Volvo S60, S90, V60, XC60 and XC90 vehicles from the 2016-17 model years, Volvo spokesman […]

Volvo Recalls New XC90 Over Airbag Problems

In certain vehicles equipped with seven seats, the side-curtain airbag for third-row passengers may not fully inflate. The defect increases risk of injury in a crash, however the issue has not been blamed for any injuries or deaths.The company first became aware of the failures during routine crash testing for the European New Car Assessment […]

Volvo XC90 – Anti-Skid Fix

MVS Volvo Forums member (now Contributor) ALF1 drops the knowhow for a fix that’ll save you about $300, or much more if you’re going to purchase a new yaw sensor.

Folks – The Active Yaw Control Sensor (found under the passenger seat and carpet) is a very expensive repair whether you purchase a new unit or send yours off to be re-manufactured by Xemodex or BBA Reman or try to get a used one.

Volvo Seatbelt Release Tab: It Exists

Although I have swapped seats between vehicles, it was not until very recently that I learned of the “seatbelt release tab”. I do not believe it has been mentioned previously in any of the seat-related posts I have read on this forum. I discovered it courtesy of Bob Elwood’s seat recovering directions. It is present on the V70, but alas, I do not believe on the 850. Instead of removing the seatbelt anchoring torx bolt, one simply has to depress a small nub with a screwdriver to slide the seatbelt strap out of its connection point on the seat. This miraculous device saves lots of time and frustration since there is precious little room to swing a wrench to get the seatbelt off otherwise.

If you are removing seats in a V70, this little latch can save you quite a bit of time and frustration.

2001 V70 Too early airbag deployment?

Airbags Deployed, Good Volvo is Now Scrap One month ago my wife had a little crash into the back of a other car during “take off” on a traffic light. No other visible collision damage than few scratches on the front/tail bumper but… all air bags and belt tensioners fired, what means for me, that […]

Aftermarket HID Bulbs Produce Glare

Headlight glare: HID bulb vs halogen bulb

So I put in one HID bulb and left in a stock halogen bulb. I walked down the road and got a subjective sense of comparative glare, and I also videotaped the beams on a wall. My conclusion is that the HID produces far, far more glare. I did not do any test to determine […]