DIY 1997 Volvo 850 Roll-Over Valve Hose Replacement

Roll Over Valve Hose Replacement -

The past few times I’ve tried to fill up the gas tank the pump keeps shutting off after just a few seconds, no matter how slow you try to pump in the fuel. It took me a while to finally get the tank full. This is new behavior for this car. As part of the diagnosis, I decided to check out the roll over valve to make sure that it was allowing the vapor from the tank to pass through to the charcoal canister during fueling.

XC90 Sabotage – Vandals Destroy Fuel System

XC90 Sabotage -

We have a Category Red issue happening now. MVS Forums member Jeeptroll’s 2006 XC90 V8 was vandalized in Washington, D.C. The vandal(s) put debris in the gas tank after prying open the fuel filler door. The debris could be sugar and plant matter. The XC90 was of course disabled, and he towed it 180 miles […]

2002 Volvo S80 Maintenance Schedule

2002 S80 Maintenance Schedule -

Service Operation Schedule of Services 2002 S80 miles x 1000 7.5 15 22.5 30 37.5 45 52.5 60 67.5 75 82.5 90 97.5 105 112.5 120 127.5 135 142.5 150 km x 1000 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144 156 168 180 192 204 216 228 240 months 12 […]

2007 XC90 V8 Intermittent Fuel Pressure Cutout

Xc90 V8 Fuel Cutout

Shockwave has good patience and great DIY XC90 V8 intermittent fuel pressure diagnosis chops. Just have to get that out there. If you’re diagnosing a fuel cutout condition on a XC90 V8, this XC90 V8 intermittent fuel pressure forum topic is gold. Initial post in the thread: BACKGROUND: FUEL PUMP/ LEVEL SENDER replaced 6 months ago […]

Amsoil Power Foam

Longtime MVS Forums member Geevs asks about Amsoil’s Power Foam intake & combustion cleaner, and gets many good responses and alternatives. MVS Contributor kcodyjr… Sucking something in through the manifold causes the engine to stall, and the chemical sits on the pistons and rings. You let it sit, then start it up to burn it off. […]

POLL: What Helps MPG?

Almost five years ago, MVS Contributor dan777 started a poll in the MVS forums and asked What Helps MPG? Almost 300 votes later across 30 poll choices, here are the MPG poll results… Everybody is trying to save gas those days, so would be nice to share what it helped increasing your MPG. Please choose […]

Remove P2 Volvo Fuel Pump Ring – DIY Tool

Fuel Pump Ring Tool -

DIY Tool for Fuel Pump Nice home made tool to remove P2 Volvo’s fuel pump ring! You could make the bottom piece out of hardwood easily, too. MVS member regierart on his 2001-2007 Volvo P2 models fuel pump tool: I Cobbled together a quick tool for the plastic ring over the sending unit. Worked like a […]

Fixing Up 99 S70 T5

MVS member Auburn T5 goes bananas on fixing up a 1998 Volvo S70 T5. Stage 0, new transmission, new struts, shocks and springs, you name it. Documented with photos too. Did a lot of stage zero work – inspected vacuum lines, changed oil filter, fuel filter, top motor mount, k&N panel filter, timing belt, water […]

2000 V70R – AWD Fuel Pump And Ejector

Well it is time for me to be schooled! I have been told that the 99-00 AWD cars had 2 fuel pumps. I will now post pictures of the 2 items just replaced on my car, and then perhaps someone can point to me where I am not seeing a pump mechanism on the LH ejector.

So below are various pictures of the RH fuel pump. This has 2 pipes on the cover plate. The RH one looking at the top connects to a pipe on the LH side ejector ‘pump’. The LH pipe goes to the fuel filter and then onto the front of the car and engine. See picture RH pump (5).


So if anyone can now explain to me where the 2nd pump is, please add notes below. I’m always wanting to learn! Also, now if someone can explain to me why the ejector ‘pump’ is about 20% more expensive than the main pump assembly, again, let me know.


Strangely the pump is the cheaper of the two. I purchased from Tasca from whom I purchase most of my part in the US. If I recall, the pump was about $330 and the ejector about $370. So about $700 for both parts. The price may be different for a 98 as the system was a little different, and I don’t pay any US taxes. Just checked on Vida and looks like the pump and ejector are the same for 850AWD to 2000 V70 AWD of all variants.

Fuel Relay #103 — Is it Really Necessary?

For MVS’s 1500th (!) Volvo Repair Database entry, I bring you what is probably the most technical post in the VRD: jose456891‘s Fuel Relay #103 — Is it Really Necessary? I had to lie down after I read it. And yes, I read it. And it was mildly fascinating. A big thanks to all the technical guys […]

Fuel Pump Replacement (Walbro Kit) – 1999 V70

MVS Volvo Forums contributor j-dawg spent time to document the process of replacing the fuel pump with a Walbro in his 1999 Volvo V70 T-5, and here it is: The other week, my car was running like absolute garbage. This appeared to be the worsening of a condition that had begun as a few months […]