Increase Volvo Performance: Chips

volvo chips

IPD’s upgrade gives you 0.9bar, only TME (IPD’s parent source for the upgraded ECUs) give you 1.0bar. and I’m afraid the licensing agrt between the 2 may bar you from ordering a ECU upgrade direct from TME, Sweden for North American residents…

How To Buy A Volvo 240 Turbo

$1,000 for a 240 Turbo sounds good as long as it is in good condition, maybe not perfect but solid, straight, and sound. Volvo did not have a DL Turbo, the car will either be a DL which is their lower level model…

Hardwire Your iPod to Your Volvo

Hardwire Your iPod to Your Volvo This Volvo Forum post covers the early years of getting iPods and iPhones to transmit sound to your Volvo stereo. Tape cassette adaptors, FM transmitters, and even a few specific products like JVC KSPD100 iPod Adapter.

High boost cutoff switch

volvo power

if you continue to run your engine with higher than designed turbo boost, be prepared to replace either the engine, transmission, other parts of the drive train or all of the above within a couple years…