Fixing Volvo Wheel Noise

volvo wheel noise

I just wanted to post that it seems I have fixed the strange moaning/whirring noise I would get out of the right rear wheel when making a left hand turn. After replacing the wheel bearing and finding this had nothing to do with it, I tried cleaning all of the brake components in that wheel…

Broken / Worn Spring Seats – Photos & Description

Volvo owners often complain about knocks, squeaks, rattles and clunks. Common failures that can create these noises are worn spring seats or worn out upper rear shock mounts. Volvo front wheel drive models commonly develop a clunk in the front suspension that can be caused by worn out upper spring seats. This can occur in […]

Strut Replacement: A How To

volvo strut replacement

So, you want to change your struts but don’t want to pay expensive labor? For strut replacement, you’ve come to the right place! Why throw away your hard earned money when you can do it yourself! This vehicle in the guide is a Volvo 850, but any cars with MacPherson Struts will have similar setups. […]