How to Read An Engine In A Craigslist Ad

Engine Bay Photos Whisper Secrets You look at Craigslist ads for cars. Probably Volvos, since you’re here reading this. Ads can tell you a lot about a used Volvo, more than the seller intends, sometimes. This gives you an advantage. Your job is to pick up this information so that you don’t waste your time […]

Which XC90 To Buy? First Generation: 2.5T, 3.2, V8 or T6

Longtime MVS Contributor Neil is looking for a XC90, first generation. But which XC90 to buy? There were no fewer than four engines used in the first generation XC90, which ran 2003-2015. The problem? The five-cylinder XC90 hasn’t been made for over a decade. He wants to find a 2003-2006 five-cylinder XC90 for power and durability, and […]

Keep it Running: How Much Do P80 Owners Spend?

How much do P80 owners spend every year on average to keep their Volvos running? This poll has two parts: Parts cost per year,  850, S70, V70, C70 & V70-XC Forum (1992-2000) Labor cost per year,  850, S70, V70, C70 & V70-XC Forum (1992-2000) I’ll do the same thing soon for P2 Volvos, and other […]

2000 V70 Becomes Test Mule for Parts

Neil has a new Volvo project – 2000 V70 SE NA – 5 Speed auto – Mileage approx. 270,000km… to be used exlusively as a test unit for parts he sells. He’s got the space for it… why not? This is not only a forum post on turning this car into a tester, it’s also […]

What is DiCE?

DiCE is the Middleman DiCE is electronic hardware that connects your Volvo to a computer running Volvo diagnostic software called VIDA. It allows two-way communication between VIDA and a Volvo car, primarily to enable a mechanic to either get diagnostic information from the Volvo to fix a problem, or to update the Volvo with the […]

XC60 – Buy Extended Warranty?

MVS Volvo Forums member chapel is thinking about buying a 100k mile XC60 and putting a $3k extended warranty on it. Smart? Wife and I are thinking of getting a 2010 T6 R-design It’s just about to pass 100k miles and we’re looking at possibly getting an aftermarket warranty So for a 5 year plan […]

1998 Volvo S70 T5 Manual for Sale

This 1998 S70 T5M looks like a winner. For sale in Colorado is a very rare high pressure turbo (T5) manual transmission (M) S70 in red/graphite. Owner is asking $4800. I don’t think that’s unfair. This car is significantly more rare than an R Volvo from the same year. It’s not mine, I’ve never seen […]

How to Buy a 1997-2000 Volvo XC70

MVS Contributor theWIFEs_S70 is thinking about buying a AWD P80 Volvo. So what should he look for? What are this model’s gotchas? Hey guys, just wondering, what gives with these XCs. I know 4-wheel drive vehicles are more expensive to own. And get less gas mileage, especially in the city. But this price almost […]

Rare Yellow T-5R For Sale

Yellow T-5R

Here’s a rare Yellow T-5R for sale for sale on Craigslist by a MVS Volvo Forums member Euro_Hobbs: This car was to be my ultimate baby, I’ve owned it a little over a year, I wanted one for years and finally came across one locally, unfortunately with my job and location I do not have the […]

How to Buy a Volvo V50

Interested in a Volvo V50? Here’s a few comments and tips by owners on how to buy a Volvo V50… MVS Forums member mathy221984: A few things I would check are the: Suspension (drive over speed bumps and listen for cluncks) which could be something as simple as a spring seat or a strut. Motor […]