How Many Miles Do You Have on Your Volvo?

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How Many Miles Do You Have on Your Volvo? You can vote for up to 3 different Volvos you own/owned. Especially if it’s over 500K miles, please comment about which it is: Classic, 200/700/900, 850/S70/V70/C70/XC70, or P3… 2001+. Do you have a high mileage club badge?

P3 XC70 Dog Taxi LOL

P3 Volvo XC70 with "DOGTAXI" license plate

My friend in Santa Fe, New Mexico, checking out a P3 XC70 Volvo wagon (see P2 or P3 XC70? for more) with “DOGTAXI” on the plates! And a Sweden flag sticker. Awesome!

Just A Guy Who Loves His Volvo

This isn’t a repair, or technical Volvo information, or oil viscosity discussion. Just a nice post from a guy who loves his Volvo. 🙂 MVS Forums Contributor utilityaudio: I’m sure you guys are probably familiar with this feeling, but this is my first car, and it’s spectacular. it’s not perfect, it’s old, and it honestly… Read the full article…