Gorgeous 1997 850 T-5 Wagon Build

Michael Jingle is a happy man. And why wouldn’t he be? He drives this beautiful M56-swapped 1997 850 that he built and painted himself.

He put it together after his first Mexico Blue (in Porsche-speak, Pageant Blue in MG-speak) 850 was sadly rear-ended and totaled at a red-light. He owned the previous blue 850 for 5 years.

Evidence that you can have a nice car for only $1200 and a little help from State Farm. Lots of blood sweat and tears in this one.

Standard issue 1997 850 T-5, original gray on charcoal interior.  173,XXX Miles, 3 owners, originally a New Hampshire car, was brought to Tampa, FL 8 months ago and I purchased it shortly after for $1200.

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I haven’t ever seen a bigger smile 🙂 This photo currently graces the MVS Facebook page.

Michael built this 850 in 3.5 months which in “crunch mode” with his upcoming move to Orlando for school.

Obvious things done:

  • Blue paint (1980 MG Car Corporation “Pageant Blue“)
  • lowered on BC racing coilovers
  • R bumper
  • R wing
  • fog lights
  • “angel eye” headlights
  • wheels – 18×8 XXR 527 in Chromium black
  • Tint all the way around, legal Florida 5% strip on windshield, 30 % front side windows and 15% all the way around the back

Not so obvious things:

Michael Jingle's outstanding 850 wagon
Michael Jingle’s outstanding 850 wagon
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Looks good at night also
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Just keep her of that swampland, Michael
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